Radford rocks country music

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Brent Rupard, Dustin Lynch and Gloriana sure didn’t disappoint when they came to visit Radford University last Thursday.  Rumor has it that that Dustin Lynch and his band were scrapping over being the main act, over Gloriana. And not to be mean to Gloriana, but they made a mistake by performing last.

The concert didn’t have a big turn out in the first place, and after Dustin Lynch performed, a good part of the crowd left.

Brent Rupard put on a good show as the opening act, especially since this was his first time playing on a college campus.

“I am very excited to come play at RU, this will be my first college campus I’ve played, so I’m looking forward to it,” said Rupard.

None of his songs sounded familiar, but they did sound promising.

“Music has always made me feel something. I hope my music does the same for people. If that’s playing to sold out arenas one day or playing for sold out college campuses, I just hope my music touches people in a way some songs have touched me,” said Rupard.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m looking forward to hearing him on the radio sometime soon.

After Rupard left the stage, everything was cleaned up and all of Dustin Lynch’s instruments and microphones were set up. They all ran out on the stage and started their set with one of their more popular songs, “She cranks my tractor.”

This isn’t the first time the band has played on a campus.

“A lot of our band is just out of college, so they still act like college students,” said Lynch.

About half way through their set list, Lynch hopped down off of the stage, and I immediately became pinned to the gate they had set up in the front. Screaming girls everywhere dying to touch him. Girls were grabbing whatever they could reach whether it was his arms, shoulders, stomach and his hands.

I asked Lynch if he and his band liked playing college campuses and he replied with, “Yes, we love it. It’s one of our favorite shows because of the energy.”

Lynch was the band that gave off the most energy. They played drinking games on stage, they interacted with the crowd and they seemed to be the most excited to be on that stage in the Dedmon center.

I talked to the drummer after they performed, and he was impressed with the liveliness of the RU crowd.

“The crowd gave off great energy, it was awesome,” said Billy Freeman.

Gloriana came on stage next, and by their second and third song, a big portion of the crowd started to disappear. They performed really well live, but the performance was a little disappointing after the energy that Lynch and his band gave on stage.

After coming off stage, Gloriana and Brent Rupard came out ready to sign autographs. Gloriana was only signing, no pictures. But Brent was giving autographs and taking pictures with fans. I was a little disappointed that Lynch never showed, but his band was hanging around in the crowd talking to people and taking pictures.

So a big shout out goes to R-SPaCE for putting on the spring 2014 concert, cant wait to see what they bring to us next year.