Radford Alumna Makes Her Way to WWE

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Emily Lewis


It was hard enough to choose what subject she would be studying but having to choose what she wanted to pursue a career in was beyond her. Alyssa Strickland had to choose a major that would fit her lifestyle and personality but what would it be?

Strickland, 23 attended Radford University from 2012-2016. She completed her undergraduate degree in advertising. Strickland claimed that it was a lot of pressure when choosing her major but once she discovered advertising she knew it was the career path for her. She stated, “I knew I was going into a field where I would enjoy what I would be doing, so picking a major wasn’t so threatening anymore.”

While Strickland was a hard working student at Radford she was involved on campus. She worked as a service desk attendant at the Radford University Student Recreation and Wellness Center. She was also a member of the Delta Psi chapter of the Sigma Kappa Sorority on campus and held the vice president of alumnae relations position. “I had an amazing time at Radford and was very blessed to have the kind of friends and professors I had,” Strickland stated.

When it was time for Strickland to graduate she knew she would miss her friends and life at Radford but was ready to begin her career. “Even though I was so sad to leave my friends, I was so excited to see what the next chapter of my life had in store for me. They say college is the best four years of your life, but life is so much bigger than college, and it keeps getting sweeter,” stated Strickland.

Strickland is originally from Richmond, Va. and currently lives in Stamford, Conn. After graduating, Strickland decided to apply for internships at World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). She applied for four different positions and was accepted into all of them. She moved immediately after graduating to Stamford to hold an internship position with WWE.

Strickland was told that she would be in training for three months to get the experience and afterwards she would move back to Richmond. After just spending one month at the company as an intern, Strickland was offered a position as junior social media editor. She stated that she was not expecting to be where she was today, “I thought I would just end up having an internship back in Richmond that would not fit my major and consist of coffee runs.”

Strickland stated that one of her favorite aspects of the job that she currently holds is the decision whether or not to stay, “this position will open so many doors for me that I would have never imagined before.” Another one of her favorite aspects are the friends that she has met along the way and the interaction with her team and other teams as well.

Although, Strickland does enjoy her current job this is not her dream career. Strickland stated that she would like to work with a nonprofit organization, “I have always had a passion for giving back to people, communities, or organizations that need help.”

Strickland’s advice for students that are close to graduating is that it is never too late to get involved with a club or make a new friend. Her advice for students who have just graduated is to find a job that you will enjoy, “life is too short so don’t stick around at a job that you hate, find something that you are passionate about.”