Rad things to do at Radford for the spring season


Maggie Brown


There are many fun activities for students to do around Radford University. Radford’s University itself offers so many opportunities in the recreation field, not to mention what the surrounding communities offer to the students of both Radford University and Virginia Tech. With spring in the air, we are finally able to step outside and shed our extra layers of sweaters and coats. With this beautiful weather, there are countless amounts of fun outdoor activities for you to do, here are a couple I came up with that you should try!

Radford University is set in one of the most enriching outdoor recreational areas in Virginia. We are surrounded by beautiful mountains, the New River, Bisset Park, and so much more. There is so much to do outside than some people know. You can hike the 4-mile Dragons Tooth trail to a panoramic view of the valley. You can walk along the New River in Bisset Park, which is located right up the road from Radford University, you can also canoe and kayak on the river. You can make a trip to the Christiansburg Aquatics Center, just a life hack for you, students get in free with their student IDs. You can make a trip to the Jefferson National Forrest to visit the Pandapas Pond to see wildlife in their natural habitat. You can go to RU Outdoors on campus to rent equipment or pay to go on their trips. This group was created to let students have new experiences in the outdoors while not breaking their wallets, every student should take advantage of everything they have to offer while they still can. Of course, you can always go support your schools spring sports teams!

I interviewed CJ Vernon, a junior, about how he felt about getting outside more this spring, and also if he had anymore fun activities you can do, and he said, “I think it is awesome to be outside during this warm weather! Some activities I like to do would be going to Bisset Park and the New River to throw Frisbee, football, or play some basketball with friends. I also love to go camping, I think that would be fun to do with my friends this spring. Also, the reason I like to go outside is because it is so hard to stay inside with the sun out, it’s so much fun to out and about. Also, it is such a beautiful campus, I like to be outside so I can enjoy it.”

All of these wonderful things are accessible to Radford University students, and they all are not that far away from campus. What I listed isn’t even half of what you can do! There are so many ways to enjoy being outside, from simple things like going outside to study instead of staying in your dorm or apartment. Or getting some people together for a pick-up game of tag football or Frisbee. With all this beautiful weather, you should definitely be outside enjoying it at least a little bit. So, on that positive note, go out and get some fresh air!