R-SPaCE Hosts Night of Food, Fun and Hocus Pocus

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On Sunday, Oct. 30 R-SPaCE hosted a Halloween celebration. The event to place in the Bonnie café. The guests were treated to food, activities and a showing of the Disney movie Hocus Pocus.

There were several chances to win prizes, courtesy of R-SPaCE. One of which was the costume contest. There were a few cute and clever costumes. There were a Pokémon trainer, a wolf, and a tiger, just to name a few. However, the winning look went to a couple dressed as Winnie the Pooh and a “Hunny” pot.

Guests could also enter their name into a lottery to win a prize by playing a fun guessing game. There were several boxes filled with mystery items in which guests stuck their hands in and had to guess the object based on what they were feeling. Some of the items were slippery and sticky. Even though it was a strange experience to stick your hand in a box of mysterious items, the objects were all a harmless. They consisted of things like pickles, popcorn, pasta, and grapes. The hardest thing for most people to guess were the pickles, which had been sliced in half.

The guests were also offered a fun chance to commemorate the night with a picture in the photo booth. The backdrop was a creepy picture of skeletons, and there were signs to hold up and pose with, like vampire’s teeth and a witch’s hat. R-SPaCE will be posting the photos on their Facebook page, so be sure to like them and check it out.

R-SPaCE also provided food for the guests. Before the movie started, the guests were able to fill their plates. The food consisted of sandwiches, meatballs with olives that made them look like eyeballs and a Halloween decorated cake. As they sat at the tables, the guests also found buckets filled with candy and Halloween themed pictures to color.

The screening of Hocus Pocus was shown on the stage of the Bonnie café, which was decorated with spooky lanterns painted in “blood.” The 1993 Disney movie has become a cult classic. If you haven’t watched it since your childhood, it’s well worth checking out. Check it out for some extreme 90’s nostalgia and the slapstick comedy of the Sanderson sisters, who are witches and the main villains of the movie. This is an example of a film that is cheesy in the best possible way. Watching it on the screen was an excellent way to celebrate Halloween.