R-SPaCE brings Cherub and Big Gigantic to Dedmon Center

Big Gigantic plays in the Dedmon Center. Photo by Sam Wall


Big Gigantic plays in the Dedmon Center. Photo by Sam Wall
Big Gigantic plays in the Dedmon Center. Photo by Sam Wall

Celine Donohue



Electronic dance music artists, Cherub and Big Gigantic, performed at the Dedmon Center on April 16 for this year’s Radford University spring concert.

     Most of RU’s concerts and events on campus are influenced by the RU student programing and campus events club, also known as R-SPaCE.

     R-SPaCE is an open club to the general student body, so anyone who is a student can join to attend meetings, voice their opinions and vote on the events that come on campus.

     The general meetings for any student interested in being involved in R-Space are held on Thursdays, at 5:30 p.m. in the Bonnie, room 249/250.

     “At meetings, we set an open table for discussion on what students are interested in, as far as events, novelties, speakers and also feedback,” said Sami Muse, the director of operations for R-Space.

     In the past, R-Space has presented artists such as A$AP Rocky, Matisyahu, Travis Porter, Mac Miller, Ty Dolla $ign, SOJA and All Time Low.

     Along with the more well known artists, R-Space has successfully obtained relations with smaller, more local musicians and speakers as well.

     Before the day of the Big Gigantic and Cherub concert, tickets were $15 if you presented a current RU ID card. For non-RU ID holders they were $25, as well as for everyone on the day of the show who waited until then to purchase one.

     Leading up to the concert, R-Space had promotions which encouraged students to attend other on-campus events organized by the group.

     At these occasions, students who attended could receive incentives that entered them into raffles at the concert.

     The raffle prizes entailed items like a Coca-Cola mini-fridge, iPad and iPod. A few attendees in the crowd got lucky, that’s for sure.

     The concert opened up with Cherub, a funky duo that originated from Nashville, Tenn.

     The group has gained much popularity since their hit track from 2012, “Doses and Mimosas,” which they rocked at the show. Another chill track of theirs includes “Hold Me,” off of their album, “Mom & Dad.” Their new album, “Leftovers” which just recently came out has multiple new tunes to explore as well.

     Cherub’s energy at the show had the whole crowd jumping. Also, the lights and visuals gave a euphoric vibe throughout the Dedmon Center.

     “I really enjoyed it tonight. Cherub is one of my favorite bands. I’m so happy I got to see them because when they came to my home town, I missed it,” said Giovanna Ledford, a Radford freshman.

      Big Gigantic, who played second, is a group out of Colorado, who, in no other words, killed their set. Their electronic, funky music that incorporates the live saxophone and drums creates a very unique sound.

     The duo also remixes some well known tracks, with their own dirty electronic beats, which is a definite crowd pleaser.

     By the time they came on, the energy had risen in the Dedmon Center and when it was over it felt like the crowd was still grooving to the beat.

      Tracks like “I Need a Dollar,” “Can I Get A..,” and “Get Em High,” brought cheering and dancing throughout the whole venue. Some people in the crowd hooped to the music and were decorated with glitter and jewels which gave the show a really chill atmosphere, like a rave or music festival.

     “The concert was awesome, I thought it was really hype and fun,” said Hannah Davis, a Radford freshman.