Put it in the bin


By Tyahn Jenifer

Each spring Radford University joins fellow colleges and universities across the U.S. and Canada in a national recycling competition known as Recyclemania.

This 10-week tournament, beginning in January and ending in March, encourages college students and faculty to attempt to recycle 100,000 pounds of paper, cardboard and mixed containers. The goal of Recyclemania, according to RU’s coordinator Pavan Muddanna, is to encourage students to establish better recycling habits, and to lessen the waste to recycling ratio. The goal is also to get students to be more involved in more environmental opportunites around their campuses and communities.

Of the 100,000 pound goal, RU students and faculty recycled 13,700 pounds of materials in the very first week. However, RU also managed to accumulate 69,580 pounds of waste. Muddanna stated that most of the waste accumulated by RU comes from the dining halls.

Every student living in the dorms on campus received a small recycling bin to place in their rooms to encourage the habit of separating their recyclable materials. There are also various recycling and sorting stations around campus. This gives each student ample opportunities to get their recyclables in so that Recyclemania can reach its goal.

RU Sophomore Nicole Sathre is an ambitious participant of the friendly competition. “

I think Recyclemania is a good cause but it shouldn’t just be one semester, it should be all year long,” Sathre said. Many students feel that it will be much easier to recycle with access to their own recycling bins and a newfound awareness through the Recyclemania competition.

During the course of the tournament, RU will also be planning to have quite a few events scheduled that offer prizes over the course of these two months.

On Thursday, Feb. 20, a campus-wide Shred-A-Thon will be held for all departments, students, faculty and staff where they can shred important documents. This will be held in four different locations across campus at four different times. Check out Radford.edu/recyclemania for more information on the times and locations.

A recycling competition between buildings known as “Office Cleanout” will be held March 3-7 to see which academic building has the highest recycling rate in a week’s time. The winning building will have a rolling trophy presented, which can be placed in a prominent location of the building. This does not include residence halls.

There will also be an annual GreekMania event. This week-long competition, which will be held March 24-28, will be dedicated to all the Greek organizations on campus to see which organization recycles the most. This competition will be held in the form of a triathlon, competing each day to see which specific recyclable items can be recycled the most by each organization.

Recyclemania not only encourages students and faculty nationwide to recycle more but also encourages us to make more environmentally friendly choices. These choices improve our community and ensure the health and beauty of the world around us.