Prosthetic tail saves life

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Meghan McNeice

With new technology coming out, what seems like everyday, it’s becoming more and more helpful in saving lives. This doesn’t just apply to humans, animals are benefiting from it as well.

The movie, “Dolphin Tale” released in Sept. 2011, is a perfect example of what technology is doing for animals. The dolphin, Winter, named by Sawyer Nelson (Nathan Gamble), is found caught in a crab trap and sadly in the removal of the cage her tail is severly damanged. She’s rescued and kept at a marine hospital. Nelson, right from the beginning has an unspoken bond with Winter and he’s determined to help her live and feel like a real dolphin again.

With the help of Dr. Cameron McCarthy (Morgan Freeman) Winter is gets constructed a prosthetic tail.
“Dolphin Tale,” is actually based on a true story. The making of a prosthetic take is so creative and with this idea, euthanasia might not have to be an option for animals who have limbs that are nonfunctional due to injuries and accidents. This movie should stir up some inspiration for future veternatians and doctors in hopes of creating someting just as useful for animals and humans.

“Dolphin Tale” may at first seem like it’s targeted at children but it’s a movie that all ages can enjoy. For parents who grew up watching, “Flipper,” this is just as heartwarming and is an equivalent for a friendship between dolphin and young boy, movie. With adult stars like Freeman, Harry Connick Jr., and Ashley Judd,  and the movie made from the studio and producers of “The Blind Side” this movie is sure to deliver and not leave you feeling like you’ve wasted time and money.

Another moving video on YouTube called “Joe the Easter Bunny,” where a father and son find an abandoned rabbit whose back feet don’t seem to work correctly. Born a paraplegic, Joe the rabbit, cannot hop and keep up with his brother. The son creates this wagon-like device called the ‘All Terrain Bunny’ that lightly attaches to Joes back legs allowing him to wheel around. It takes Joe sometime to get used to not dragging his legs behind him but by the end of the clip he’s wheeling around carrying on!

It’s amazing the technology and time devotion people put into helping animals have a second chance at life and not just leaving them to die.