President Hemphill Speaks Directly to Students as School Begins Again During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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By: Dylan Lepore |

Radford University President Brian O. Hemphill spoke directly to Main Campus students for their first day of online learning due to the global health pandemic of COVID-19, in a video released Monday.

President Hemphill shared advice and wisdom to students covering topics such as emotions they’re feeling, social distancing, overcoming uncharted territory, and watching out for everyone’s health.

Trying journaling and contacting friends and family were also suggested.

Radford University has developed a page of resources through the Harvey Knowledge Center (HKC) for students to use during their online learning.

Here are what HKC suggests doing:

  • Stay in contact with your professor
  • Check your email and D2L or Blackboard frequently for updates or changes
  • Pick certain times to work on the class and put away all distractions during that time
  • Take notes—even if all the material is available online
  • Keep a planner or calendar with all assignments or due dates
  • Break assignments down into smaller tasks
  • Set your own deadlines for tasks
  • Contact classmates or set up a study group
  • Reach out to your professor or other campus services if you need help

“We miss you! During this difficult and uncertain time, please take good care of yourself and others. Please know that your Radford family is here to support you during your online journey. And, always remember, Highlanders are resilient. No matter where we are, we are doing our part for our communities both near and far!,” stated in an email from President Hemphill.

Click to watch the full video.

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