Post-Valentine’s Day hacks

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Emily Galliher

One of the only advantages to my partner and I working full-time is discount gifts. We normally can never celebrate on Valentine’s Day because working those days mean extra pay and better pity tips.  Almost everyone has the idea to raid the grocery stores for the discount chocolate because I mean, who does not like cheap sugar?

Knowing that you can walk away with twice as much chocolate than you could two days prior to Feb. 14 really helps the student mentality. Studying while munching on some heart shaped Hershey’s does a body good. I have even heard that red wine and dark chocolate make the perfect combo for a healthy heart. Personally, I hate dark chocolate, so hopefully milk chocolate has the same effect.

When you think about it, we have a plethora of choices to find leftover goodies from Valentine’s Day. You can find some at Kroger, Walmart, Food Lion, and even Dollar General. Many of them carry the assortment boxes that contain nuggets of chocolate goodness.  Unfortunately, there is no way to get around the gross ones.  You guys might like the cherry cordials or the really sticky caramel, but no way can I eat them. I normally just pawn them off on my partner and eat all the good ones while he scours. Any good relationship must have compromise, right? He still gets chocolate, just not exactly the kind he wants.

Being super cheap and never on time, I have become a professional at scouting out good deals.  So, the best places to go to find leftover candy are the places that have the most to sell.  The big guys like Walmart or Kroger who dedicate full “seasonal” themed aisles to the stuff. The places that have the most to sell are the ones who have the most to lose.

Valentine’s Day is like Christmas for chocolatiers. At least, I assume so. I can imagine they bust out millions of heart shaped assortments, chocolate covered cherries, and they might even include some weird stuff like chocolate covered bugs. You never know, they might just be your style. Not mine.

Walmart is probably going to be your best bet in finding the goodies. They have the full aisle dedicated to the stuff. However, their deals might not be the best right after the holiday. They prepare for people like us: The cheap connoisseurs whose partners do not necessarily need to know their gift was part of the leftovers. If you wait a couple of days, the pickings might be a little slim, but you will get a better deal.  They say quality over quantity, right? Well maybe in this case, more for less is a better idea.

Happy deal hunting and have fun munching on the guilt-free discount chocolates! The comfort of knowing you did not pay 20 bucks for that bag of chocolate-covered pretzels the size of your textbook is well worth the effort spent waiting. Everyone knows how hard it is to bypass all that sugar, but you will end up saving money!