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Play It Forward Lacrosse Tournament: Supporting Fellow Students

In the absence of having a football team, many students at Radford are unaware of the many other sports events that occur during the weekends. There are numerous club teams here at Radford University, now totaling 22 teams in all, some of which play games away and also home on campus. On Sunday, October 20th, the Radford Women’s Lacrosse Club was able to host the Play It Forward tournament on the fields located by Dedmon Center. If you were not aware of this event, this tournament was a part of a larger fundraiser for Miranda Hayden, a Radford University student and member of the sorority, Delta Zeta. Unfortunately, Miranda’s father has been diagnosed with Lymphoma, requiring expensive medical attention. Therefore, to aid the Hayden’s in paying their medical bills, this event was created.

Three teams participated in the tournament, including Radford, Lynchburg College, and Virginia Commonwealth University, more often referred to as VCU. The first game commenced at 10 am on Sunday between Radford and Lynchburg, proving to be an entertaining watch, as both teams maintained pace with one another, goal for goal, throughout most of the match. In the end, Radford came out victorious, starting off the tournament well for the Highlanders. Following this, VCU and Lynchburg faced one another with VCU dominating throughout most of the game. With one win each, VCU and Radford began the final game in order to determine the winner of the tournament. This also was an exciting watch, both teams competing fairly closely during the majority of the matchup. Unfortunately, Radford fell short at the end, yet played extremely well overall.

No matter each team’s performance, the tournament was able to help raise almost one thousand dollars for the Hayden family. Concessions were sold throughout the tournament as well as tournament shirts, for twenty-dollars each and drink coozies, for five dollars each. The tournament had an excellent turnout, especially as it was during both Radford’s homecoming and family weekend, bringing many people over to the field to support their lady Highlanders. Events such as these are an excellent way to spend a weekend and show support for smaller club sports.

Kimberly Rolince, a senior at Radford and the President of the Women’s Lacrosse Club said, “The Play It Forward tournament was a fundraiser for my Delta Zeta sister, Miranda Hayden. Her father has Lymphoma and all proceeds go to helping her family with medical bills. I can’t express how thankful we are to everyone who came out and supported the cause! Putting it together was one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had. It really allowed me to see how wonderful people can be. The games went well, the weather was awesome, and so many of our families and friends were there! It really doesn’t get any better.” While the tournament is over, you can still contribute to this excellent cause by buying a shirt, which is now being sold for fifteen dollars, or a coozie, still being sold for five dollars. This can be done by emailing the club at Continue to look out for the Highlander’s as there are several more home games over the next few weeks, all listed on their website at: You should always be looking out to support your fellow students in a time of need.

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