Pitch Perfect heats up the big screen

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Hannah Lindquist



If you are looking for a deep, bellyaching laugh, “Pitch Perfect” is the complete combination of good music and hilarious comedy.  Anna Kendrick, former Twilight star and under the radar Skylar Astin star in this musical comedy about competing college acapella groups.

Rebel Wilson, Anna Camp and Brittany Snow also help bring this movie to the top of everyone’s list.  Beca (Kendrick) a new student at Barden University is forced to find a group where she fits in.  After hearing about the universities all-girl a capella group, The Bellas, she decides to audition.

Once she makes the group, she soon finds out there is more to The Bellas than what meets the eye.  A disastrous loss to their archrivals the previous year at Regionals leads The Bellas to make it their goal to win against The Trebelmakers.

Jesse (Astin) is a new member of the Trebelmakers who catches Beca’s eye, adding a bit of romantic drama to this witty film.

Beca adds a breath of fresh air to the Bellas stale repertoire, through updated songs, new beats and adding a bit of everyone’s style to the mix.

In the end their hard work and dedication leads the all girls group to a win at Nationals, and an ending that leads everyone to believe that we can expect a “Pitch Perfect 2”.