Pinterest: Ultimate dream world

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By: Caroline Musumarra

Most people have heard of Pinterest, or at least those who go on Facebook and Twitter. It’s everyone’s favorite procrastination tool. What’s a better way of putting off that ANTH 101 paper than planning for your future wedding and future kids? I don’t know about you, but it’s addicting.
All I want to do is pin things and plan my picture-perfect life. Some of the stuff that people pin is helpful and useful but most of it’s just ridiculous.
If you remember MTV’s “Cribs,” you might remember making fun of the celebrities’ kids who had crazy stuff in their bedrooms like pirate ships and princess castles? But now you want that for your future kids. You also want an infinity pool and to be able to cook like a celebrity chef.
Pinterest is a way to fulfill fantasies. We see all this awesome stuff and we want it. But how many people do you know that have an immense playground in their backyards and $1000 shoes? Pinterest is like a dream wish list.
Realistically, we know we probably won’t ever have it. However, it’s just so pretty and looks so nice. I really don’t find anything wrong with it but sometimes it makes me sad that I’m never going to have a mansion with a library like the one in “Beauty and the Beast” and a resort-like pool in the back.
My absolute favorite thing about Pinterest is the recipes and pictures of food. I can search for one thing and ten other things come up that I’d love to try.  I get really hungry and then realize I have to go eat school food. But how else would we students know how to make s’mores bars and all kinds of other awesome deserts?
Pinterest makes me happy. I get to look at all sorts of cute crafts, food, clothes, and everything else that I could ever want to look at.
I’m convinced they made this just so that people would have better means of procrastination. Overall Pinterest is one of the best Internet creations ever and I don’t know how I’d procrastinate without it.

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