Pinterest is to blame for the creation of Bridezillas


Stephanie Banus

I’m speaking to all of my fellow Pinners out there. You know who you are. You’re sitting there in class, you feel yourself losing interest, you glance at your laptop for two seconds and BAM! Pinterest. You’re sitting in bed trying to study for a test, you look at your phone to check the time, and BAM! Pinterest app. I am not even sure how this happens, but there is clearly some kind of addictive black magic in all those images of perfect hair, funny cats and hipster memes.

There is really nothing wrong with this astonishingly time-consuming form of entertainment. However, there is one thing to be found here that sparks my curiosity. If you’re a regular on this site, you know all about “My perfect wedding” pin boards. Now, I could see this as a very valuable source for ideas about wedding planning for people who are actually getting married.

However, from what I have observed, the majority of such boards belong to teenage girls who are totally going to marry their current boyfriend of a whole two weeks. They fill these boards with “my perfect dress,” which of course is adorned with diamond and pearl accents, “my super cute wedding invitations,” obviously worth $800, and “the wedding cake I HAVE to have,” which is hand-decorated by a famous designer and should really cut and distribute itself for that price.

I think it’s perfectly fine for you to have hopes and dreams, wedding day Barbie, but most likely there will come a time when you finally find the perfect man and he surprisingly won’t be a multi-millionaire.

In so many cases, I have encountered women put in this situation becoming violently and terrifyingly insistent on having their big day exactly how they have pre-planned it. And the earlier you have this perfect image in your mind, the harder it will be to let go of it if your finances are not exactly in order when the time comes.

With this in mind, I’m not sure that having perfect little pictures of everything about your future wedding is such a great idea. This might just be me, but I really enjoy pleasant surprises. I’m pretty sure my future self would much rather be happy with a nice, simple wedding that I hadn’t been planning since I was 13 than to start off my marriage miserably in debt and on bad terms with my husband for insisting on spending an enormous amount of money on things I don’t really need. Love is all you need, folks. If you have that, you’re lucky enough.

Don’t define your life with a social media website. This sounds like common sense, but you never know with some people. Pinterest is great for distracting you from school work, but is not favorable for planning something as important as your wedding day; especially not when you’re a broke college student, which most of us are. Just use Pinterest for what it is best for: making mixed drinks and desserts that you can enjoy now.


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