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Jackie Salzano

We all know the drill. It’s a bright Saturday morning in Radford and everyone is trying to piece the puzzles back together from the previous night.

As we catch up with roommates and attempt to start our day, we head toward the kitchen trying to figure out what we can scrounge up for breakfast.

Through my personal observations, I have seen a lot of students, even if they live off campus, treat themselves to Dalton brunch on the weekends because they didn’t want to cook after a night of being out with friends on the weekend.

Like most students in Radford, I have Hokie friends attending our neighboring school, Virginia Tech. I try by best to venture over to Blacksburg a handful of times throughout the year to catch up with friends and live the life of a Hokie for a day or two.

When I visit Virginia Tech, sometimes I get the privilege to eat on campus. According to The Princeton Review, in 2012 Virginia Tech was ranked second for best food on a public college campus. We live so close, who wouldn’t want to try their high ranking options?

By far the best place to dine on Virginia Tech’s campus is West End. It is a gorgeous, fairly new, on campus eatery with various options such as burgers, pastas and smoothies just to name a few. Not only do they serve the standard meals during the day, but they have something which I have personally gone out of my way and drove from Radford to Blacksburg to dine at this great establishment.

For those of you not familiar, this delicious food experience is called West End Brunch.

Each week they have a different variation of everyone’s favorite breakfast foods. Some of the options are pancakes that come in different flavors such as: original, chocolate chip and blueberry. They also serve hot sausage, bacon, chopped breakfast potatoes and more!

Radford is in need for this same, one of a kind brunch experience. Luckily, the university has the perfect time and location.

Picture this: Muse Brunch. Every Saturday and Sunday, from late morning until the early afternoon, Radford students could have another place to dine at on campus.

It would have the same layout as Muse lunch; buffet style lined with everyone’s favorites. Everything from French toasts, waffles and pancakes to sausage, bacon, bagels, oatmeal, cereal and more!

This could be a great place for those students who live in or near Muse to have the luxury of not having to walk far to the dining halls on weekend mornings.

If you have had the experience to live in Muse, you have all seen the back area with picnic tables and a fairly large grassy area. This outdoor space could be a great place to eat outside with friends during the warm days here at Radford.

The major problem with having Dalton as the only dining hall open on the weekend is its limited hours to eat brunch on the weekends. Athletes and other students on campus have early commitments and cannot use their swipe to eat before 11 a.m., which for me personally has been an inconvenience on more occasions than one.

With the idea of opening Muse for brunch, Dalton could keep its normal weekday hour during the weekend too. They could serve breakfast, lunch and dinner while Muse would take over brunch crowds.

If breakfast could be combined with lunch in such a delicious way as to be named Muse Brunch, RU could widen its food horizons and could create a wonderful weekend brunch atmosphere which people would look forward to dining at.



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