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Photoshop creates misconceptions for viewers


By: Jessica Dupuis

Looking through the latest Cosmo magazine, one can find great new hairstyle ideas, the latest shoe craze, and of course, an over photoshopped photo of some celebrity. Photoshop has become a deadly disease: making females of all ages lose self-esteem and body image on a daily basis.
We see Photoshop everywhere we look: in magazines, on billboards, on posters, on TV shows and commercials, even on the internet. Often, if you look at a picture of a model that has been airbrushed compared to a normal picture of the model, you probably won’t even be able to tell it is the same person. Editors and photographers Photoshop and airbrush everything on their models; make her taller, add hair extensions and highlights, shave a few pounds off of her legs, make her lips fuller, arch her eyebrows. They take a beautiful young woman and literally transform her into something so unrealistic, it’s disgusting.
There are so many different ways to perceive beauty, yet it seems as if advertising companies only see beauty in the form of an ultra-skinny, tall, perfected model.  We live in a world where young girls and teenagers are constantly feeling as if they aren’t skinny enough, tan enough, smart enough, pretty enough, and seeing photoshopped women that are supposed to be their role models just play with their minds even more. Girls as young as nine are being diagnosed with eating disorders and body image distortions; by allowing magazine editors and photographers to airbrush and Photoshop we are adding fuel to the fire.
Recently, the idea that photoshopping as well as airbrushing celebrities and models have been surfacing.  Back in July, a cosmetic ad from Lancôme featuring Julia Roberts was banned in the UK and France for being “too photoshopped.” Since then, other countries have started to raise awareness of the dangers of photoshopping and airbrushing. Hopefully, one day we will see a change in advertising everywhere that bans the use of Photoshop and allows the world to see true, natural beauty.