Pedestrian Hit on Jefferson Street

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Tristan Blake Rines |

Around 7 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 20, a number of blue and red flashing lights lit up Jefferson Street in front of the Deli Mart store in response to a pedestrian struck by a vehicle.

A crowd of curious spectators had gathered near the scene of the collision to watch as the Radford City Police, and Radford Emergency Medical Services tended to the man struck by the vehicle who laid on the hard cement.

Eye-witnesses Hope Williams and her friend Kali Wehlann were giving their account to officers when asked about the incident. “He was hit and flew up through the air,” said Williams claiming that the victim was sent about five to ten feet through the air onto the hard ground.

“[He] was wearing shorts and basketball shoes, was very visible,” said Wehlann. With a number of street lights, it was very understandable that the victim was openly visible to drivers. “The driver was going very fast down that hill,” included Wehlann.

Williams agreed to say that it looked as though the driver was going at least ten miles-per-hour faster than the 25 mph speed limit.

When asked about the victim’s condition, Officer Miller of the Radford City Police said, “He should be fine, he’s awake.”

Due to the quick response of both Radford City Police and Radford EMS, the victim will hopefully make a full recovery. Officer Miller said, “I believe he’ll be okay. He’s being transported to the hospital for emergency medical care.”

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Photo Credit (Tristan Blake Rines | The Tartan)

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