Parking Violations common around RU

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Brittany Jeglum

As many Radford University students are aware, parking tickets and towing are not a rarity to the campus and surrounding areas.

James Perkins, head of Parking Services at RU, states that an average of 41 citations are written per day by the parking services and campus police alone, which does not factor in the Radford City Police.

“This semester, the location where the largest number of citations has been issued is in Parking Lot C,” says Perkins.
Although $15 citations are typically the worst consequence for illegal parking, towing is considered when relating to issues of safety or potential damage to personal property.

“Citations can only have a maximum of two late fees added to them, both of which are $15. The first $15 late fee is added to a citation which is unpaid after 10 calendar days after issuance.

The second late fee is only added if the citation remains unpaid after 30 calendar days,” explains Perkins.

If cars are towed, however, they will be transferred to the BP storage lot downtown behind the BP business. Towing during regular hours is $45 and all other hours is $55. There is a $20 per day storage fee that is charged if a vehicle is left in the lot. Perkins suggests that the best thing to do to avoid a citation or tow is to be aware of which areas drivers should not park in and the hours of enforcement.

“Parking regulations are in effect 24 hours per day, seven days per week. If students are not sure they should go on-line to the parking web page or call Parking Services to ask for clarification before they park their vehicle,” says Perkins.
Relating to commuter students who have trouble parking, Perkins suggests that Lot BL and E always have spots available, even between the heaviest hours of 10 a.m.-2 p.m.; the average amount of spots available is around 250.

The campus has three Parking Enforcement Officers who continue to check for illegal parking on and around campus. Officers will call for a tow instead of issuing a citation if there is substantial reason.

“A citation must first be issued for a violation of the Parking Regulations,” Perkins explains. “At that point a Radford University police officer must evaluate the situation and determine if a tow is warranted. Some examples of when towing is warranted include: unauthorized parking in a handicapped or reserved space, situations where a vehicle creates a safety issue, or potential for damage to personal property.”

When relating to the question on where the parking ticket money goes and what‘s done with it, Perkins said, “Parking is a self-funded auxiliary. All funds from permit sales and citations are used for parking related services including parking lot maintenance (paving, snow removal, line painting, and signage), parking lot upgrades, and salaries of staff.”

For information regarding ticket policies of the City, you will need to contact the City of Radford. Parking Enforcement Officers and Radford Campus Police have no connection with the Radford City Police and what decisions they make relating to parking issues.