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“Burlesque” shows journey of 19th century dancers

Cam Gigandet plays Jack in "Burlesque." Photo Credit -

Meghan McNeice

It’s flashy, sexy and full of upbeat music; the new movie “Burlesque” stars both Grammy winner singers Cher and Christina Aguilera. The movie was directed by Steve Antin and also includes stars like Kristen Bell, Stanley Tucci, Eric Dane and Cam Gigandet.

Burlesque was popular in the 19th century as a form of adult entertainment. It involved bright colored costumes, dramatic lighting and was often viewed as a form of strip tease. These ideas were portrayed well in the movie.

The movie takes place in Los Angeles on Sunset Boulevard in a run down burlesque lounge ran by Cher’s character Tess, with Tucci’s character Sean, that’s barely staying in business.
Ali, played by Aguilera, a little country girl from Iowa, comes to L.A. to make it big and the first person she befriends is Gigandet’s character Jake, the bartender and a former country kid himself, at the Burlesque lounge. They rely on each other to afford a place to live and form a relationship throughout the movie.

“Every opportunity has a shelf life,” is the advice Sean gives Jake that also sets the plot for the movie.

Most people move to L.A. to become a star and that’s exactly what Ali aims for. Her journey doesn’t start off the way she plans, but she winds up running the show at the Burlesque lounge with her vocal skills. With no family behind her, the friends she makes are all she has.

There is no telling what will happen in the next scene with this movie. It ends the way a good movie should and leaves you ready to dance your way out of the theater.

Aguilera puts on an amazing show, but doesn’t quite fit her previous life before heading to L.A. That’s something the directors could have changed or made different. Cher may be a very talented singer, but her acting skills were not nearly up to par. But the two together made the movie work and with the rest of their cast, the movie was a success.

The soundtrack is mainly upbeat but also has a few slow and powerful tracks including Aguilera’s, “Bound to You.”

This movie is great for everybody, and for those who think it’s a musical they are highly mistaken. It’s for all the “beautiful, beautiful, beautiful people.”