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The Tartan

Our Opinion: Don’t take festival for granted

Every year Radford University hosts the Highlander Festival on the first weekend in October.  It’s a festival that shows off Radford’s Scots-Irish heritage that the university is based upon. On Saturday Oct. 1, the festival will be spread out on Moffett Quad with a ton of events and activities for families and students to experience and enjoy. There’s heavyweight games including log throwing and hammer tossing, games most people don’t know existed in parts of the world. Although the festival itself starts at 10 a.m., the heavyweight games start at 9 a.m.

Besides games, there is a parade at the beginning of the festival that runs through downtown Radford up to Tyler Ave. There’s plenty of different food venders offered, band performances, craft tables and even sheep herding!

Some students as soon as they wake up and hear bagpipes piping from their windows, they plan a day out of Radford to get away from the town folk and festivities. We encourage you to reconsider and spend some time at the festival and really take in what Radford is built upon and its heritage.

How often do you see grown men in kilts, or see sheep on campus? Once a year it’s acceptable to listen to bagpipes and Scots-Irish music as opposed to rap/hip-hop for a day. Everybody can learn a great deal about the culture just from simply walking around and observing.

RU is lucky to have a festival like this. Not  many other universities in Virginia have something like the Highlander Festival. By attending the festival it gives students a better understanding of the environment they live in while attending RU. The mountain atmosphere and history before RU was even built is really interesting to learn about.

Most students when they first come to RU, one complaint is that there’s ‘nothing to do’ around the town. At the festival most of the shops and some other local venues come out and show support and provide attractions nearby that maybe aren’t advertised as much. There’s more to Radford than just Main St, most students don’t realize that. Especially those who don’t have cars on campus.

This is a great event for a weekend day date or if family is coming to visit, this is something everyone of all ages can enjoy. And the best part is it’s free to attend! Crafts for sale and food is not but just sitting on the Quad watching the events is free entertainment.

So make no plans for next Saturday, at least until after 5:30 p.m. Because we want to see you at the Highlander festival sharing some school spirit with other fellow students.