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The Tartan faces lawsuit for assault

Courtney Earll

As college students, we all want to have the best experience that we can have while still in school. For some, that means finding the right person to date and possibly spend the rest of your life with. But how far would you go to find love? There are plenty of dating sites available online that provide the ‘best’ service to all their subscribers. Even with the one-on-one compatibility matching these websites have for their customers, they don’t seem all that safe. The websites claim to have safe and reliable services, but for one of these sites it has come down to a lawsuit.

One of’s customers filed a lawsuit against them, claiming she was sexually assaulted by her date after the second time together. The California woman’s suit said the attack could have been prevented with a proper background check and demanded that start screening for sexual predators. The man who assaulted her was a registered offender. How does this sound safe? I do not want to go on a dating site where they don’t screen for sexual predators or murderers. said their move to screen their users was already being considered and wasn’t a direct response from the lawsuit.

Mandy Ginsberg, the president of, said “We want to stress that while these checks may help in certain instances, they remain highly flawed, and it is critical that this effort does not provide a false sense of security to our members.”

If the screenings of the subscribers remains highly flawed, then there is something that the company is doing wrong and they should figure out how to improve it to make the system workable. I think if you are looking for love and you come to find yourself signing up for free on a dating site, I would do some research on how the company runs their business. If the company isn’t willing to screen for the safety of their clients, they are bound to have some lawsuits come up in the future.

The lawsuit against raises a question inside me; how far are people willing to go to find love? operates in 25 different countries around the globe. There could be many more of these types of lawsuits if the necessary precautions aren’t taken to prevent this sort of thing again. I know has started the screening process and is taking the steps to a ‘safer’ site, but it should have been safe to begin with.

Next time there is a thought about using a dating website, do some research and read reviews. I feel since we are in college there are plenty of other ways we can find love. While it may be cliché, there’s always a chance of meeting someone at a party or at a bar. You can also always join a club or organization that is co-ed and possibly find that special someone.