Over 1000 Newspapers Stolen from 22 Newsstands

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By: Jeremy Moser | jmoser9@radford.edu

After The Tartan delivered last week’s edition, we discovered that most of our newsstands had been emptied of our papers.

We delivered 1500 newspapers to 32 locations on the evening of Wednesday, Sept. 18. Sometime between 4:45 p.m. that evening and 9 a.m. the next morning, approximately 1000 papers were taken from 22 locations around the university campus.

Newsstands in these buildings were emptied of The Tartan paper: Martin Hall, Preston Hall, Young Hall, McGuffey Hall, Porterfield Hall, The Hulbert Student Center (The Bonnie), Cook Hall, Waldron Hall, Kyle Hall, Peters Hall, Dalton Hall, Heth Hall, Moffet Hall, and the College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences building.

Many of these locations are key, high-traffic areas that see many students daily.

The only locations that were not hit are as follows: Muse Hall, McConnell Library, Walker Hall, The Student Recreation and Wellness Center, Peery Hall, Trinkle Hall, Russell Hall, 7/11 on Tyler Avenue, Macado’s Family Restaurant and Tyler Hall. 

Moffet Hall is the only student dorm we deliver to that had its papers taken.

Early morning on Saturday, Sept. 21, we distributed a limited run of 800 replacement newspapers to nearly every newsstand we could, ensuring that the emptied ones were replenished.

The only newsstands we could not replenish are Porterfield Hall and Moffet Hall, as those buildings were locked.

However, the papers we redistributed to Heth Hall had been taken once again by 1:50 p.m. Monday.

The Tartan reached out to the Office of University Relations for comment. Ashley Schumaker, Vice President of University Relations, said that the University has no information on the missing newspapers. 

By stealing our papers, whoever is responsible has stolen from the student body. 

“Radford University greatly values the engagement and work of The Tartan and all student media. Their work is important to the campus community and provides a wonderful hands-on learning experience for the future careers and subsequent assignments of aspiring journalists and other media professionals,” Schumaker said.

It is not known if the papers were taken by an individual or by a coordinated group. There are currently no suspects. Schumaker denied that the University had any involvement. 

The Tartan is investigating the matter. We have contacted the Radford University Police Department for assistance. We have submitted Freedom of Information Act requests for any surveillance footage of the buildings. 

According to the Student Press Law Center, the thievery of free newspapers is a crime as it deprives Student Media of valuable property. 

It costs us significantly to produce these free newspapers and provide them to you. The “comprehensive fee” included in your tuition costs funds Student Media and acts as a subscription fee to our paper, similar to a weekly magazine subscription. By stealing our papers, whoever is responsible has stolen from the student body. 

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of our papers, please contact us at tartan@radford.edu. 

We also publish online.

Photo Credit: (Dylan Lepore – The Tartan)

Featured Image: (The Tartan’s newsroom in Tyler Hall)