Our Opinion: Thanksgiving should be honored not skipped

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For all those who forgot the order of the major fall and winter holidays, it goes a little something like: Halloween in October, Thanksgiving in November and Christmas in December. So why do people each year seem to forget about Thanksgiving and move straight onto decorating the outside of their houses with lights and other Christmas decorations when it’s barely November?

As kids back in the elementary school, we were taught facts about the holiday. We learned about the pilgrims and Indians and how they shared this special day together and celebrated the peace.  Embarrassed ourselves by dressing up with the paper hats or paper vests with Indian cave symbols. We slowly associated certain foods with the holiday, mashed potatoes, corn, green bean casserole, stuffing, rolls and of course the turkey. And you can’t forget about dessert where the pie family spreads itself out on the table: pumpkin pie, apple pie and pecan pie, all on display. It’s almost a tradition for the patriarchal  man in the family to carve the bird.

We at the Tartan think that the one day that you’re reminded to be thankful for things and people in your life should be acknowledged and celebrated in the full 24 hours of the day. On the day after Thanksgiving, go ahead and start your Christmas shopping with the morning madness of Black Friday.

What isn’t there to be excited about when it comes to Thanksgiving? You spend an entire day just stuffing your face and surrounding yourself with family and friends. Some men spend the day watching the football game, and some women tune in to watch the Thanksgiving parade held each year.  It is a wonderful day for over eating and simply relaxing. Although we feel like this day should be honored and not skipped over, Christmas is still on the minds of many people ready to begin holiday shopping.

The television advertisements are just as bad as the stores. Before Halloween was here, there were commercials for phone deals through multiple companies coming up for the holiday season. Layaway options were being publicized urging people to start thinking about holiday shopping ‘before its too late!’ What’re you supposed to start putting on layaway when Halloween hadn’t even passed yet. Candy and costumes for next year? Table cloths, green beans and frozen turkey, so you’re set for Thanksgiving? Let one thing happen at a time!
Few of us have vowed to not start listening to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving just to be fair to the November holiday. Others can’t help but listen to all the new artists remaking of Christmas albums and start gettting amped for the holiday season.

This week Tyler Ave has strung the lights on few of its trees giving campus a bit of some winter wonderland feel. Headed toward Radford High School, the town is slowly decorating for the upcoming holidays as well. Soon the university will have majority of the light posts wrapped in lights.  RU does wait a little longer to start the decoration process, but it’s respectful and we appreciate it.