Our Opinion: Shentel fails to provide connection for students

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Radford University students move out of comfy homes and into cramped dorm rooms for a year before venturing out onto their own and into apartments and houses around campus. Their eagerness and excitement to be away from the eyes of Resident Assistants and dorm rules fuels their desire to be on their own.

However, in this time of growth, paying rent and cable bills quickly kills the excitement as students try time after time to connect to their Internet providers and fail.

Consequently, they’re forced to pack up their backpacks, get in their cars, find a lab on campus and settle in for the night. As they wave goodbye to their warm homes and comfy beds they’re cursing their Internet provider. What makes the situation worse? The daily commercials promising high-speeds and reliability as they try to con one more innocent renter into a service that is anything but.

Radford’s main Internet provider, Shentel has proved itself to be the worst thing that’s happened to renting students lately. Despite paying bills, our services have gone down completely, slowed enough to remind us of dial up and gone out at the absolute worst times. There’s nothing worse than working up to a deadline and having the submit button lead you to a page telling you your Internet has zero connectivity. We live in a time where time itself means everything and everything is submitted or sent over the Internet. Reliability is important, which Shentel fails to provide. Obviously Shentel is misleading their customers.

It’s incredible how a simple three minute YouTube video needs 20 minutes to load—forget streaming movies.

Worse than their Internet service is their customer service. Shentel’s customer service representatives have been late to appointments or not shown at all, incorrectly identified service holders, given out information regarding accounts to members not on the account, transferred calls repeatedly, were not available during business hours and acted unprofessionally altogether.

We, as customers, are unhappy with their product that only works part of the time. Our complaints have been ignored and our preference for Internet will most likely change in the coming semester.

We want a change. We want something worth the money we pay. We want a reliable Internet service provider.