Our opinion: Quadfest 2012: Tips for staying safe while still having fun


With Quadfest coming up this weekend, April 20-22, many are anticipating large crowds, parties down every street and plenty of stories to tweet about. However, though many consider Quadfest to be a weekend of fun and partying, you need to remember your safety as you walk along the streets of dark and light side. With crowds multiplying from schools all over and the weather in the 80s that weekend, here are a few tips to remember in order to be safe and still have a good time.
The first thing to remember is to always walk around in groups. Don’t walk alone, especially after dark. It’s unsafe; without a group to walk in, you’re completely open to dangerous situations. Make sure everyone in the group knows what your plan is for the day and night so that no one gets confused and strays far. Most people coming down this weekend will be from other schools, so definitely make sure they know what is going on throughout the weekend.
Another key thing to remember this weekend, is that you need to make sure you have everything that’s on you, safely on you. You don’t want to lose anything—or have it stolen. Come up with a system for holding your things, make sure no one can grab and steal anything and know where your stuff is at all times. There’s nothing worse than losing your cell phone, camera or wallet at a party.
A major factor to take into consideration while partying this weekend would be to drink responsibly. Now, we all know that what Quadfest really is for college students; a time to drink and relax before they actually have to settle down and study for final exams. But you need to remember that Quadfest is not endorsed or condoned by the university, so you’re pretty much to fault if you get too intoxicated. You can—and probably will if you’re not careful—get arrested and charged with a DUI, drunk in public, underage drinking and various other charges.
For the most part, you should stay in one place, somewhere were you feel comfortable and safe, and don’t go outside with an open container. You should also think your actions through and the consequences they might have, before you do anything too stupid.
Overall, be smart about what you do this upcoming weekend, stay in groups, make sure what you’re carrying is secure and most importantly, if you’re going out to drink, DRINK RESPONSIBLY. No one likes to wake up hung over in a jail cell, so think with your head, not your beer. Have fun this weekend and as always, stay safe.

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