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Our Opinion: Inaccurate statements printed in ‘Restaurants’ article


In our April 6 issue, several incorrect statements were included in the article entitled ‘Restaurants undergo Inspections.’ In the last paragraph of the article, it was stated that all of the restaurants mentioned refused to comment on the results of their inspections. This is false; in fact, none of the establishments mentioned were contacted for comment and therefore were not given the chance to respond in the first place.

The statement appeared as a result of an error committed by the reporter, editing team and the editor-in-chief.

Also in the article, two incorrect statements were made in regard to BT’s, located at 218 Tyler Avenue. Both statements pertained to ‘critical’ violations. The article stated that restroom doors were observed as ‘blocked’ by the inspector. This is incorrect, as the violation actually stated that a sealed container was left out of place next to the sink, located in the employee washroom.

The second incorrect statement said a bottle of Aspirin was left out on the prep counter. This is also incorrect, as the Aspirin was actually stored in a cabinet two shelves above the prep counter. Both of these violations were corrected on site, a fact that was omitted in the April 6 article.
We apologize to all establishments that were affected by the incorrect statements that appeared in the piece.

As journalists, our goal above all else is to report the truth. We failed to do that in the ‘Restaurants undergo inspections’ article, thereby failing not only the restaurants mentioned, but our readers as well. It was a mistake and we make no excuses for it— it was simply bad judgment.

We can’t take back what was said in the article and this is not an attempt to do so. This is just our way of acknowledging the mistake that we as a staff made and facing whatever criticism comes with it. We hope you understand that none of this was intentional and that you continue to read in the future.

-The Tartan News Staff

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