New Year, New Diet: Where to Eat Healthy on Radford University’s Campus

3 min read New Year’s resolutions come in many forms, but one is being healthy, there are many options for students to use on campus to achieve desired resolutions.

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By Tyler Martin |

New Year’s resolutions come in many forms, but none more common than the desire to be more healthy, with that in mind, there are many options for students to use on campus to achieve desired resolutions.

Whether you are trying to cut calories or take something out of your diet, there is a variety of ways to go about your dining experiences at Radford University.

Healthier options on campus include; Create, Hissho Sushi, Au Bon Pain, Fairfax Street Subs, and Dalton Kitchen.

While some may argue that the healthier options cost more in comparison to the more mainstream names seen around campus, there are some ways of getting around this issue.

Dalton Kitchen

Dalton Kitchen is the cheapest “bang for your buck” here on campus, given a major discount for having one of Radford’s meal plans. The standard price for breakfast is $7.02 discounted to $2.12, lunch is $10.54 discounted to $3.40, and dinner is $12.51 discounted to $4.16.

Given their buffet style, Dalton Kitchen offers a wide variety of foods to choose from though there are ups and downs to their selections. While they provide options such as burgers, fries, pizza, DIY pancakes, dessert bar, and cereal, there are many alternatives.

Dalton has a salad bar, a sandwich bar, and many fruit and vegetable options offered every day, as well as labels on most food items giving the calorie count and displaying if those foods are vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or healthy in general. The label with one leaf indicates the item is vegetarian and two leaves indicate it is vegan.

Though it should be noted that Dalton does close early at 7:15 p.m. every day.

Healthy Fast Food?

Some of the more mainstream fast food options on campus have their issues as far as business hours go with Chick-fil-A closed on the weekend, Wendy’s closed on Sundays, and Papa Johns closed early at 3 p.m. on Fridays, and into the weekend.

However, all of the dining options in the Bonnie do have extended weekend hours. Hissho Sushi is open until midnight Thursday through Sunday, Fairfax Street Subs open until 9 p.m. and Create open until midnight on the weekends.

Given those options Create specializes in salads, wraps, and rice bowls. Although there are options to get things such as fried chicken they also offer, grilled chicken, ham and many other protein options along with a variety of vegetables and dressings to try out.

Hissho Sushi offers a wide variety of sushi options, as well as made to order stir fry with base selections such as rice, lo mein noodles, beef, chicken, vegetables and sauce selections to top off your meal.

Vegetarian options are also available in Radford’s many select locations.

Maybe if you’re not trying to eat healthier, but want to cut out meat, Papa John’s offers a personal cheese, garden fresh or spinach Alfredo pizza, with the addition of breadsticks and cheese sticks as well.

Au Bon Pain and Chick-fil-A both offer salads, fruits, and other snacks in the vegetarian realm such as: parfaits or even a simple Bagel with cream cheese from Au Bon Pain, while Chick-fil-A and Wendys offer salads and fries.

Moreover, even though they may be known for their desserts, Pinkberry does offer fruit cups to be made out of their fruit topping options.

So, What’s It Going to Be

If you’re willing to make the transfer Hissho Sushi offers tofu in all of their custom stir-fries, as a substitute for meat. This is also available at Create along with falafel which they offer in their salads or wraps.

Tons of dining information is also available online through Dine On Campus at Radford University. With most locations having up to date menus, along with filters such as vegan or gluten-free options.

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