New Restaurants Coming to Main Street in Radford


By: Michael Aaron Coopersmith |

It’s common knowledge that one of the riskiest business investments that a person could take is to open a restaurant.

The variables that one must consider for opening a restaurant are diverse; the investor must analyze the location, how much a consumer will spend on a product, and bringing something new to the table to grab the attention of local customers. But with all things considered, we have brave entrepreneurs looking through these variables to give consumers what they want.

As of the publishing of this article, three businesses have now begun their presence on the Main Street of the city of Radford. This economic growth is hugely welcomed; they’re filling out the city’s once-vacant lots.

These new businesses include a Mexican restaurant, Mamas Kitchen, which is an American BBQ restaurant; and Roma Pizza. These restaurants have taken the opportunity to dip their toe in the growing economic market of Radford.

I would say that this opportunity still holds a risk for these businesses either due to the overestimation of demand, lacking enough of a workforce to maintain growth, or just being unable to compete with already pre-existing businesses.

Pushing aside any pessimistic opinions, I believe that these businesses know how to cater to the diverse population of students and residents. The food they are selling doesn’t take the risk of giving something away too unusual and appeals to Radford students’ distinct tastes.

I got the chance to experience one of the opening businesses, Roma Pizza, located a bit farther down from Highlander Pizza. I sat down with one of the co-owners and asked him about his perspective of being a new restaurant owner in the current economic market.

The owner had once run a previous pizzeria in Radford around 2005, while also co-running another establishment in Blacksburg. But, due to a disagreement and some trust issues with his prior co-owner, the original business closed.

But now he has returned, working in the same building as before. His return also stems from Radford’s economy increasing. He wanted to set up the business during that growth.

“I’ve heard rumors from other locals that certain pizza establishments have made the food more in-line with fast food quality,” the owner said. One would value this passion for improving the quality of a menu that is heavily commercialized, but I wanted to see if his words aligned with his actions.

I was not disappointed. Roma’s food erupted in my mouth with such a dynamic flavor, and it’s wonderfully crafted food as well, for those wanting to try a familiar food with a unique taste.

My experience at Roma Pizza has given me quite an optimistic feeling for the other upcoming businesses on Main Street and increased my willingness to spend my time and capital at these new establishments.

Hopefully, these new businesses will succeed and inspire other entrepreneurs to open up ventures in the ever-changing city of Radford, which currently seems to cater to its growing student population.

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Photo Credit: (Amirali Mirhashemian on Unsplash)