New marketing fraternity comes to Radford University

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Jennifer Werner

Pi Sigma Epsilon, the national co-ed fraternity, made its way onto the Radford campus this year. As a sales, marketing, and management fraternity, this organization has gained popularity over the course of the last 60 or so years. Founded in 1951 at Georgia State University, Pi Sigma Epsilon has over 70 chapters nationwide.
Through extensive planning over the past year, the Zeta Sigma chapter of Pi Sigma Epsilon had its first initiation ceremony this past Tuesday, September 27, 2011, in the Bonnie. With 20 members in Radford’s chapter, senior Christin Lockhart became the founding president.
According to the Zeta Sigma chapter website, “PSE’s goal is to provide collegiate students with practical business experience through sales, sales projects, marketing, marketing research and community service projects.”
Students attended interest meetings over the course of the last year to prepare for the new fraternity. Those that attended the interest meetings did not have to pledge this semester.
However, “Students will have to pledge starting next semester and the pledging process will be similar to the Greek life pledging process. It will include a formal rush period,” said Lockhart
If interested in joining Pi Sigma Epsilon, contact Christin Lockhart at or check out the Zeta Sigma chapter website at