New Changes to RU Transit System

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Michael Roundtree

Since its inauguration in August 2011, the Radford Transit System has proudly served Radford University and the New River Valley. Beginning with five routes and 100 stops, three connecting directly to the university, Radford Transit has since expanded its services by virtue of feedback from Radford University students.

Now, Radford Transit has made catching the bus even easier. The Next Bus system helps riders catch the bus on time, while reducing the wait at bus stops. Using satellite technology to track the location of your bus as it moves around campus, Next Bus sends up to the minute arrival times of your bus to your mobile device via text message, or you can track the bus location on your computer. The service is free and is available through a website, text messaging, mobile web, telephone, and the RU mobile smart phone application. Next Bus also allows riders to record their stop location for future inquiries and convenience. In addition, riders can download PDF versions of the new maps and schedules of each route on the Radford Transit website.

Offering new alternatives to parking on campus, four route changes have gone into effect since earlier this year. Residents of Copper Beech apartments can now enjoy the shuttle services of Route 60, South Beech Express. Route 60 services Copper Beech Apartments, Radford University, Food Lion, and the Auburn Ave. area.

The Highlander Circulator, Route 50, which services the Burlington parking lot and the East End area of campus, has added stops in the Cedar Valley, Cedar Ridge, and Auburn Avenue areas. Route 50 has also extended its weeknight hours to 10pm to service students with night classes.  Route 20, New River Rapid, has added new stops to the Fairlawn shopping area, as well as new stops around campus.

Route 40, the NRV Connect, connects to the Megabus, which provides cheap travel services from Washington D.C.’s Union Station to more than 70 cities across the nation. From there, the Route 40 shuttle heads to the New River Valley Mall in Christiansburg, and also makes stops at Virginia Tech’s Squires Student Center.

Students using the athletic complex parking areas can now enjoy a more direct route to campus. Route 10, University Express, Sunday shuttle route now runs from 6 pm to midnight and has added an additional boarding location, Cupp Stadium to the existing boarding location at University Drive. For quicker pick up, the Sunday shuttle will pick up riders from Green Hill before it arrives at Cupp Stadium and University Drive.