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Michaela Coel’s spontaneous, convincing performance is enough to keep you watching her TV show comedy, Chewing Gum, over and over endlessly. It is currently streaming on Netflix and is worth your attention.

Coel, who is the creator of the show, also plays the main character Tracy Gordon who is a 24 years old religious, virgin girl who is trying desperately to express herself in her own way.

Tracey’s mother and her sister Cynthia Gordon are strict Christians who judge everything Tracey does. Tracey’s mom (starring Shola Adewusi) has a habit of going around the community hall they live in to try to convert people to become Christians because she thinks that is her duty as a religious person.

I think every character in the show is just unbelievably brilliant. It is almost like the producers could make a whole movie based on any of those characters and it would be enjoyable and entertaining.

Candice, (starring Danielle Isaie) is Tracey’s wild best friend who is always encouraging Tracey to just go for it. Tracey describes her by saying, “Candice is like the buffest girl I’ve ever seen on the whole of my estate, but she’s got learning difficulties so it sort of balances it out – so like, I can be best friends with her, and I’m not jealous or anything.”

John MacMillan (Ronald) who plays Tracey’s religious, strict fiancé, is just like her mom and sister. He is aimless severe, and does not want to have sex or even touch Tracey until they get married, *spoiler alert* and that is until Tracey find’s out in episode three that he is gay and just tries to hide it with Christianity, and they end up breaking.

Cynthia (starring Susie Wokoma), is just an average and an ambitionless girl who wants to do nothing in her life except remaining what she is and grow old with her mom and sister (Tracey).

Also one of the actors who played a dazzling performance was Robert Lonsdale (Connor) who is Tracey’s new boyfriend. A waste poet guy who lives on the same estate with Tracey.

Connor is shiftless and kind of foolish when expressing his feeling to Tracey. When they first started dating, they were trying hard to impress each other, especially Tracey who was sexually hungry, after being stuck with a religious guy who would not touch or even like her.

A review was written by Jackson McHenry on called, ‘5 Reasons to Check out Chewing Gum, a Netflix Hidden Gem.’ McHenry said, “In a time where it seems as if there simply aren’t enough shows like chewing gum.” One of McHenry’s convincing reasons to watch the show was because of the jokes and Coel’s expressive face.

This was one of the lines that attracted me in McHenry’s article about Coel: “She registers every one of Tracey’s millions of feelings per second in her face, making her seem awkward, optimistic, bemused, glamorous, frightened, and shy all at the same time.”

The sitcom is two seasons, and it won the BAFTA for best female performance in a comedy Program.

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