National: Thousand Oaks Grieves After Deadly Massacre of 13 People


By Ida Domingo |

The Borderline Bar & Grill in California is the site of the 307th mass shooting in the U.S. in 2018 alone.

A fun event of ‘country college night and line-dancing’ turned into a night of horror when the gunman, Ian David Long, entered the bar and started shooting around 11:20 p.m. on Nov. 7.

Authorities said the gunman, a 28-year-old Marine veteran who was cleared by a mental-health specialist this year, had no motive for the shooting.

Long operating a .45-caliber Glock handgun with an extended magazine, approached the bar and shot a security guard standing outside and headed in and shot other employees first.

Terrified patrons scrambled for cover as bullets flew around, the people in the bar were as young as 18.

13 people have died, including the gunman and 18 injured, some were hurt trying to escape the bar.

Many Thousand Oaks residents are shocked, according to Niche, Thousand Oaks is ranked #3 in the safest cities in America, however now it is one of the many places affected by a mass shooting.

A man inside the bar recorded hearing gunshots and frantically ran as the gunman came closer, he exited the bar from the back door: