Nagoya’s New Look


Nagoya Sushi, the go-to place for sushi lovers in Radford, has recently changed locations and added to their already extensive sushi and Chinese menu.

The relocation had been in the works for almost a year and was finally completed on Tuesday, Jan. 21 of this year. Even though the move for Nagoya was not far (just next door actually), they already seem to be benefiting from it.  According to Nagoya Manager, Sean Ashwell, an RU alumnus, he has already seen a lot of fresh faces coming in to the new location and business has noticeably increased.

Still located on East Main Street, just down from Sharkey’s, the new building is a huge upgrade from the old one, inside and out.  If you were not looking very closely, the old location was easily missed. This is definitely no longer the case.  The brick building where Nagoya is now located is much bigger with a large sign that stands out among the businesses on Main Street.

The outside of the building is just the beginning of the improvements that Nagoya’s new location provides.  The inside of the restaurant has been recently renovated and has a much more modern and aesthetically pleasing look.  The two dining rooms are very open and have ample room between tables, providing an ideal atmosphere for those who enjoy their space and privacy while dining out.

The larger space has also given Nagoya the opportunity to expand its menu.  In addition to the authentic sushi and Chinese food that Nagoya has always offered, there is now a Mongolian BBQ station located in the second dining room of the restaurant.

Like most places that offer Mongolian BBQ, the customers makes his or her plate to their liking and gives it to a chef, who cooks it right in front of the customer.  With four different types of noodles, four meats, five types of sauces and an array of vegetables, the combinations are almost endless.

Although Mongolian BBQ may be new to the menu at Nagoya, it is nothing new for owner Lin Yang.  Her old restaurant, the Crown Buffet, had Mongolian BBQ that was very popular when the restaurant was open.  So when Nagoya moved in to the new space, adding it to the menu was a “no-brainer,” according to Ashwell.  “It just adds another element to Nagoya; there’s something for everyone here.”

Some of Nagoya’s most popular sushi rolls include the Rick Lobster Roll, Crispy Lou (deep fried), and the Nagoya roll.  When you buy any two-sushi rolls or order a combo from the Chinese menu, you get a free California roll, miso soup and a drink.  The Chinese menu is also pretty affordable.  Small, large, and combination sizes are offered for most items.

If you are looking for an affordable and delicious meal for you and your friends, or even a cheap-but-classy date, Nagoya Sushi is a must for all Radford students to check out.