My bucket list: Radford dining



As a senior, I’ve been having many major revelations over the past few weeks. Yet, one of the most important points that has come to mind is the fact that once I leave Radford University, I will no longer be able to experience the great joy of eating in Radford.

I decided it would be appropriate to come up with a list of several food items I would like to eat and places I would like visit for the first time or once again before I graduate.

First is the Taco Inn. Every time I drive down Main Street and up the hill towards Bissett Park, I consistently pass the largely uninhabited Taco Inn. I have rarely seen more than one vehicle parked at this restaurant and by word of mouth, I have been advised not to eat at this establishment.

Yet, a few of my friends and myself have agreed that we will set aside the time to eat here one day before I graduate in hopes of being delighted by unexpectedly great food or at least not getting sick afterwards.

Second, is Highlander Pizza’s pizza cones. I have eaten at Highlander Pizza so many times that I have lost count. When I call, they recognize my number and already know my delivery address. Somehow, among all of these hungry nights, I have yet to try their pizza cones. I have heard wonderful things about all of the flavors and choices you can have and will certainly partake in having a few before I go.

Third is River City Grill. As a freshman, this Main Street restaurant was one of the best discoveries I ever made. This quaint restaurant offers a variety of food options from sandwiches, to burgers, to seafood, to steak and my personal favorite, fried pickles. The food feels homemade and the service is excellent. I have never been unsatisfied after eating at River City.

Another place I want to try again is Cook Out. Unfortunately, Cook Out does not have a presence in the north. I will no longer have access to the 30 plus milkshake flavors of this wonderful restaurant. I will be deprived of their burgers, fries and other menu items that have made some of my college study nights bearable. Back home in Maryland, Cook Out is nowhere to be found.

Macado’s is one more place. This is another Radford restaurant that I find to be underrated. You will not find an eating establishment with more sandwich options than Macado’s and certainly not with as interesting of names as the sandwiches on their menu.

Last but certainly not least, Dalton. Yes, I know how strange it may seem to want to go to Dalton. Dalton, RU’s dining hall, is famous for the supposed “Dalton dash” that ensues after eating there. When I was a freshman, I ate there practically everyday on my meal plan and do indeed have fond memories of it. I want to make sure to eat there once more before I cross that stage on May 10.

I will sincerely miss Radford University when I have gone and many of these places hold great memories from my years here. Here’s to the food of Radford.