Music: Radford’s Acabellas & Low Key Fall Concert Ending the Semester in Spectacular Fashion

2 min read The audience was amazed by Acabellas & Low Key. The crowd gave a lot of applause. Some of the songs they performed were Brandy, I wish, Hallelujah and more.


By Nera Romero |

The night of Dec. 1 the Acabellas performed a lovely winter concert.

It was held inside the Covington Center at 7 p.m. The concert was opened by Low Key, Radford University’s all men acapella. The men were funny and surprising the audience with one of the songs Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl) by Looking Glass, which was amazingly done by Lucas Lambert.

Later on, they sang “I wish” by Stevie Wonder. During this song, there were two soloists and one rap soloist. Their names are Jay Aaron Foster, Robert Gallant, and Dean Rocco.

After this very entertaining introduction of Low Key, the Acabellas appearance made the audience burst in a big applause. The first song, which made people speechless, was called “Starving” performed by Charlotte Bucy and Sarah Ward, who did a great job of representing the song originally by Hailee Steinfeld.

Skyscraper” by Demi Lovato was the next song which made the audience speechless. It was such an incredible duo who took the stage with strength and provoked a sense of longing. Morgan Thomas and Brianna Ashton sang a good version of the song.

The next song was “White Winter Hymnal” by the acapella group Pentatonix. All of the members just suddenly sit down in a line of chairs. They combined their body with their voices, it was such a spectacular performance. They were the shining lights in Covington. Just as they finished the song they disappeared through the door.

However, they reappear again with a bunch of beautiful flowers to recognize a senior of their group that is graduating this December. It was such an emotional and special moment because that member will be leaving the group soon. Some of them were the founding members of the group which made the audience experience the sentimental moment.

The famous song “Hallelujah” was one of the riskiest parts as everyone knows the song’s difficulty, and as it is said, the audience is the best critic. The group comprised of Raney Swanberg, Julia Lucas, Leia Varghese, and Renee perfectly found the right pitch which resulted in a big round of applause.

The next song proposed a change with a female version of “Imagine” by soloists Rachael Cahoon, Jessy Gahafer, Madison Smith, Maggie Doherty, Katherine McLean and, Nichole Wright.

[The above video was from last year’s performance in May]

To conclude, they prepared the song of “Silent Night” by turning off the lights of the room and organizing the members around the audience. Each of the members carried a little light to present a calm sensation. Brianna Ashton did a perfect intonation to finish the concert.

The audience was amazed as they gave a lot of applause. The members participating in the event really did a great job according to all the positive feedback they received.

Photo Credit: (Jordan Bennett | The Tartan)