Multicultural Convocation on Resources Available on Campus


By Shiza Manzoor |

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion held a Multicultural Convocation the first week of school as an opportunity for current and incoming students to learn about the resources available on campus.

The event featured a panel of speakers that would help better prepare freshmen and transfer students for their college careers. Faculty, staff, and even students shared ways they can make the most out of their time here at Radford.

Dr. Dietra Trent, Interim Director of The International Education Center, went first. She talked about both faculty-led programs to study abroad and student exchange programs that are available for culture enthusiasts.

As of right now, there are 51 students in 31 different countries representing the university. An interesting fact that came up during the presentation is that the tuition for exchange programs comes out of the fund you would already pay for the semester.

Up next were Alyssa Archer and Will Anderson from McConnell library. They brought up an ample amount of resources that are available at the library on campus. Be it a research paper you need help with or just a safe place to unwind, the place is a haven for all. The facility is open till midnight, besides Friday and Saturday.

The tools and support needed by each student to reach their academic goals can be found in class, but there’s far more knowledge available outside those walls. A great example of this sits on the fourth floor of the library.

Harvey Knowledge Center (HKC), formerly known as the Learning Assistance and Resouce Center (LARC), offers free academic counseling and seminars to students. Some services they offer include one-on-one assistance, tutoring for math, science, and English courses, workshops on time-management, test-taking approaches, and projects as emerging professionals.

HKC asks to consider working for them as they’re always looking for great coaches.

Whether you’re looking for advice, relevant experience, a coach, a job, a suit or dress for an interview, the career services office is there as another resource for students looking to discover their calling. You can find them on the third floor of Russell Hall along with “a coffee bar, a study place, and some M&M candy.”

Say you have an assignment that needs funding. There’s something for that as well! The Hive is a crowdfunding platform made solely for the university’s students, faculty, and staff members. It’s like the website GoFundMe! These projects run for 30 to 90 days and have to first be approved and reviewed by the University Advancement committee.

There’s the Greek Life challenge that pits the 24 fraternities and sororities at Radford University in order to raise enough money to support the organization. Last year, they were able to raise $11,211 from 150 donors in 30 days.

There’s also the senior campaign program meant to benefit rising seniors, but that’s not all.

There are about 400 scholarships available as well that donors have created to award students. Applications for the 2019-20 academic year open up Dec. 1 and close in February.

Here’s some advice from the student panel that came after:

  1. Be open to learning, to failure, to people, and be friendly. Get introduced to new things.
  2. Go to the club fair. There are more than 250 clubs; there’s a place for you. It’s a great way to make friends, connections, and find opportunities.
  3. Be yourself. That’ll carry you a long way. Take school seriously.
  4. Surround yourself with good people.
  5. Don’t get discouraged. Keep your head up.

Photo Credit: (Shiza Manzoor | The Tartan)