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For the last few years, superhero movies have been some of the highest anticipated and crowd-pleasing movies; however, this has only been for the Marvel series. Recently, DC has been trying to make a comeback in the movie world after a three-year hiatus after Man of Steel; though, no movie in the DC Universe has been well received by critics. That is until they released the first female superhero movie of either cinematic universe: Wonder Woman.

Although she was introduced in Batman vs. Superman, Wonder Woman’s origins and character were never fully established, something that this movie wishes to address. The movie starts on an island hidden by Zeus, where a race of warrior women are continuously trained through the generations to oppose Ares, the god of war, should he ever return to throw the world into war again; which, as we learn, has happened because the movie takes place during World War I. Diana Prince, otherwise known as Wonder Woman, is training to be one of these warriors, though she is shown to be reckless with saving an outsider, a British spy named Steve Trevor, when it is important to the society that no outsider can know about it.

Diana and Steve leave the island in pursuit of Ares, who Diana believes is the cause of the war, and eventually, arrive in London. In London, the two plan to take their fight directly to the Germans, who Steve has learned are creating a powerful poison that can destroy gas masks and who Diana believes is hiding Ares. To do this, a group of five is formed of Diana, Steve, another spy named Sameer, a drunken sniper named Charlie, and a smuggler named Napi. It’s when these characters are introduced that the movie starts to get interesting, as their interactions are genuinely fun and interesting and at times feel like Suicide Squad did right.

This isn’t to say that it’s all well and good, though, as there are still some problems with it. For one, the twists are pretty obvious from the moment they’re set up; but, we don’t go to see superhero movies for the twists, so it’s not too bad. There’s also the problem with Wonder Woman’s powers, as they’re never explained, we’re just shown that her bracelets can stop bullets, she has super strength, and she can jump high; this in addition to her shield, which can also stop bullets, a sword, and the lasso of truth, which forces the people it touches, to tell the truth. We’re never really shown how she’s all that different than the rest of the Amazonian society, or even if what she does is actually extraordinary in comparison to the rest of the Amazons; all we’re shown is what is said above and that she cause some air burst that throws people back, but the reason why she can do that is never explained.

In all, Wonder Woman is a really enjoyable movie, when you ignore the superhero aspect of it. While most of the movie is a fun and decent spy/war story, the action scenes and surrounding story involving Wonder Woman fall into the DC pitfall of things never being explained all that much and the big bad being some dark thing that can make objects float around them. While it does get bogged down at times, the movie is still really enjoyable and deserves a 7/10.

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