Movie Review: Thor: Ragnarok



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Caution: Spoilers

Nov. 3, 2017, brought upon the people of Asgard into the Radford community, as they seek refuge from Hela, the Goddess of Death. The film takes place two years after the events of The Avengers: Age of Ultron, and picks up where we last saw Thor; chained and captured by Surtur. Surtur wants to call upon ‘Ragnarok,’ which according to Norse mythology is a series of events that include a great battle, and is foretold to result in the death of our beloved Asgardian characters eventually.

After we see Thor captured by Surtur, we watch as he triumphs over the villains who threaten to take over Asgard. Traveling back to his home, we see the confusion in his eyes at the planet he used to call home. Much had changed and all thanks to his mischievous younger brother, Loki. Having banished Odin, Loki disguised himself as the warrior-king of Asgard leading to a distraught Thor. Thor and Loki then return to Earth where the Asgardian king was banished, and they find themselves in the hands of Doctor Strange who is told to protect the earth and New York from any mystic being who may try to harm the planet.

Doctor Strange offers to help Thor find Odin, and return Loki, on one condition. Loki may never return to Earth after what he had done to it years before. The constant comic references in this film were abundant, especially when it came to the garbage plant Sakaar. Sakaar is a planet on the furthest edge of the universe from Asgard. Ruled by The Grandmaster, portrayed by Jeff Goldblum, Thor is held captive until he can reign supreme in his Contest of Champions. This contest leads to the most enthralling scene between Thor and an old friend from work.

The film is all about revenge as every character has bridges to burn, paths to cross, and a battle to win. We watch Thor fall into his own with new found power and strength after the death of an important character. Overall, the film depicts the comics and the characters in a charismatic light. It was by far superior to the previous two Thor films to come into theatres. 4/5.

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