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Gorilla’s, mice, koala’s, porcupines, and pigs, oh my! The Bonnie Auditorium got a bit more musical than usual with the three-day showing of SING! The 2016 film from director and writer, Garth Jennings was released on Dec. 21st just in time for the holidays. Opening weekend the film brought in $35,258,145 as of Dec. 25, 2016, at the box office, and the gross income was $270,329,045 in the United States.

With a runtime of 108 minutes, 114 minutes for the special edition DVD, the film was a mixture of comedy, reality, graphics, and lots and lots of musical numbers. The film follows Buster Moon, a hustling theater impresario as he attempts to save his theater from foreclosure. Upon announcing a singing competition, things go quickly out of control and becomes more prominent than he anticipated. Upon hearing a false claim about the amount of money the contest winner would make, he receives many contenders, but the film focuses on just a few of them.

Matthew McConaughey lends his voice to Buster Moon, while Reese Witherspoon plays Rosita, a pig mother of 25 children who gave up her dream of performing when she began a family. Talented voice-over professional, Seth MacFarlane, plays Mike the hustling mouse who would do anything for some extra cash. Scarlett Johansson uses her singing chops as rocker porcupine, Ash. Taron Egerton, more known for the Kingsman films, plays the lovable gorilla Johnny who wants to fulfill his life dream of singing and not being in the gang like his father. Finally, there is Tori Kelly who portrays Meena, a highly talented elephant who suffers stage fright despite her unbelievable talent.

All the actors lend their voices to the film to draw the audience in for some loved and adored songs from the present and past. Meena and Mike play classics while Ash pulls out a song written just for the film that lends a more in-depth look into her personal life. As the film continues, we see each character and the struggles their face within their own lives, beyond the competition. It’s no surprise that Buster is attempting to save his theatre, but when the contenders find out the cash prize is a hoax they lose faith that they were meant to sing after all.

Overall, the film was one that I had not anticipated enjoying so thoroughly. Not being a huge fan of singing contests, I threw the film off as just another wannabee-Disney level film, but I was wrong. IMDB gave the film a 7/10, while Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 6.5/10. Though the film had a few plot holes, the message behind the scenes made it something to be sought after. 3.5/5

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