Movie review: ‘Point Break’

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Point Break


In Point Break, the game is called, “In Action and beautiful visuals.” Beyond that, everything starts to get muddled–everything is definitely there for a great, original movie. That’s where the problem is; this is a remake of an original starring Patrick Swayze. Don’t get me wrong, remakes can be good. With that being said, 99% of the time they aren’t. In the modern era of movies, breathtaking filming and never-ending action doesn’t cut it as a standout movie. It takes great acting, proper script writing, a great story, and an even-more superb job of directing.

To start with the positives, this movie is definitely one to watch, if you enjoy being the audience to a dazzling display of Mother Nature’s most amazing aspects and good high-adrenaline action. There is not one point throughout the movie that lacked an action form of entertainment. On top of that, you will see visual shots of parts that will take your breath away; from Angel Falls to the beautiful Himalayas. Finally, the acting and chemistry between the two main characters, Utah (Luke Bracey) and Bodhi (Edgar Ramirez), was amazing. You will feel the connecting and brotherhood similarities that these to adrenaline junkies share. Along those same lines, unfortunately that’s all that that this movie provides to its audience. The story lacks the essence that you really wish it had from the moment you see some of the death defying stunt the Nirvana seeking criminals pull.

The basis of Point Break, is Repetitive action, word play, and story telling. Although the action is scenery is great, you’ll find yourself wondering, “didn’t I see this already?” And, the answer to that question is yes. Yes you did. To add to the frustration, the side characters seem out of place in the adrenaline junkie “universe”. Something about them screams, “I’m just a normal guy acting this part.” Nothing can kill a good movie more than non-convincing acting, writing, and storytelling, that just doesn’t live up to the hype of all the visual aspects. The final disappointing element to Point Break is the way they decided to follow up the original Point Break. As I said before, remakes are an uphill battle right from the start. Nobody hears about a remake and goes, “Yay! They’re redoing a classic. Maybe it’ll be better.” The expectations are an unfortunate aspect destined for every remake. As I previously stated, they could have made this such a better film if they broke away from the original and did their own original one. It would have led to a much better and more enjoyable storyline I believe.

All in all, Point Break is a decent movie that will make you want to never peel your eyes away from the screen in fear that you’ll miss something amazing. However, it will make your mind have an internal battle with your eyes in question as to why you want to keep looking at this story-lacking action-packed film. If you are looking for an entertaining flick for a weekend, this is surely for you. If you are looking for a touch your soul kind of movie, this is definitely not something to consider (even though the whole movie is focused on a spiritual venture). Decent, but not great, is a proper title for this film.