Movie Review: “Maze Runner: The Death Cure”

4 min read Maze Runner The Death Cure was a terrible movie. If my editor did not restrain my vocabulary describing it, then this article would be riddled with curses rangin g from A to Z.

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Maze Runner The Death Cure was a terrible movie.

If my editor did not restrain my vocabulary describing it, then this article would be riddled with curses ranging from A to Z.

Personally, I do not know why people like these young adult movies: they are full of Deus ex Machina moments and themes that always result in the main character being morally right, which never shows the grey area that our characters have to battle with.

I have to say this and say this now; this was the first movie that I wanted to walk out on.

This movie is so dull and predictable, giving us a by the numbers plot that made me scratch at the locked door of the theatre for the last thirty minutes.

At the beginning of the film, we get the world’s most famous cliché of our two characters being late to a super important plan that will forward the plot, except we never get filled in about why they were late in the first place. Don’t you think that it would be a little bit more entertaining if we got a comedic or self-aware reason explaining their tardiness? However, you cannot make an old horse do new tricks, only beat it till you see its innards.

Moreover, as the first ten minutes rolled, I knew that this was how the structure was going to be full of having a half-excused moment that makes barely any sense with characters’ motivation!

I would love to talk about specific plot holes and the lunacy that is this movie, so the rest of the review contains spoilers. After our introduction cliché, they continue with this plan to abduct a train car that’s full of a bunch of immune kids, including their friend; Minho. Well, their plan succeeds except they rescue the wrong train car. This clueless mistake causes them to go to this place called the “Last City” and to save Minho.

Now, on their travels to the “Last City,” they have to deal with these rip-off zombies called “Cranks” or something dumb like that.

Fun fact by the way; when you see zombies, you know that the movie you are watching is going to have “super original” villains.

Continuing, they get into the city with the help of some kid they left in the desert to die, but some group of scavengers that seem to take general fashion tips from Mad Max found him. He helps them into the city, and they begin to plan how to get into the ironically and idiotically named WCKD building.

Meanwhile, we have WCKD personnel draining the blood of Minho because the antibodies that make him immune are stronger than the typical immune brat. Also, that is “defiantly” how you obtain a vaccine from blood.

Back to our cardboard cut-outs of main characters we see that they have disguised themselves with security guard outfits with no explanation on how they got them. They get in by threating Teresa and using her security pass to get in.

As you can figure out the rest of this cliché plot, they naturally get found out, and the “tension” is on to find Minho before our main antagonist, Janson, finds them.

Minho makes a miraculous recovery and can beat up guard after guard even though they have been draining his blood every day. Minho meets up with his friends, and they jump out a window that is thirteen, maybe fifteen stories high to which they survive that fall because they landed in the water.

I mean, I cannot hate, because to solve the problem of the movie, I would be jumping out of a building too.

Also, meanwhile the same Mad Max fan base creates a riot and enters the city to reenact how Philadelphia Eagle fans celebrate their teams’ wins or losses. Moreover, you might be thinking I am joking, but the leader of the group just kills himself off in an explosion to open the gate even though he allowed our main characters to use his pass into the city to grab a treatment for the generic zombie disease he is suffering from.

It just doesn’t make any freaking sense. Our protagonist, Thomas is called back to WCKD’s building by Teresa because she finds out that his blood is the “best” blood to make a vaccine.

Thomas gets knocked out, and the vaccine gets made by Teresa. But Janson wants it because he is infected. So, they fight, and naturally, he dies. Then Teresa dies while they are escaping because maybe she should have gotten a gym membership so she would have a little bit more energy to run and jump on a helicopter to avoid a collapsing building caused by the rioters.

At the end of the movie, everyone leaves to go off to an island while the human race dies out because a bunch of teens thought that the rest of the human race did not deserve to survive. Personally, I believe that no one should have survived this movie.

This movie was awful, it did nothing experimental and exciting and was by the numbers. I would say read the books, but I am sure this movie was an accurate representation. I have never been a big fan of these young adult movie stuff because it does not give us anything useful with its themes or storytelling.

This movie is seen as a financial success, so I would not be surprised if another young adult book franchise joins the world of cinema. However, with my final thought, I can only say that there is no cheese at the end of this maze.

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