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Starting out slow, Everything Everything introduces two characters. The movie stars Amandla Stenberg, playing Maddie, and Nick Robinson, playing Olly. The film begins with Olly thinking that Maddie is just the typical girl next door. He was new to the neighborhood and had seen her through the window, he became curious. What he is unaware of, is that if Maddie leaves the house, she will most likely die. She has been diagnosed with SCID, Severe Combined Immunodeficiency. A better understanding of this is the other name for the disease which is known as the “boy in the bubble,” disease. Having this, Maddie’s mother decided to keep her trapped inside the house for the past eighteen years of her life. However, everything changes once Olly movies in. She begins to wonder more about being outside. Her and Olly’s relationship starts to grow and eventually, her nurse, Clara, allows him to come inside. After this, the two are almost inseparable. They spend all their time talking to one another, Maddie invites Olly over on the fourth of July. It does not take too long for her mother to find out about her secret love affair. One day Ollie gets hurt, and Maddie runs out of the house, her mom and Olly tell her to go back in. Maddie does not regret it one bit. She claims that she felt so alive. Throughout the movie there a million different twists and turns. Maddie eventually begins to wonder a little too much and gets a few ideas. She gets ahead of herself without knowing it. The story continues, and in the end, there is a happy ending. They jump through a few hoops to get there, but there is a happy ending.

The actors did a fantastic job portraying real emotions and showing the hurt they felt. My favorite part of the movie is when Olly comes up to Maddie’s window and holds his hand up to the glass, and their hands are “touching” through the glass.You could see the pureness and the happiness that little moment to both the characters. This movie was a chick flick, but with some shocking and mind-blowing moments. I would rate it a 3⁄5. It had a plodding start, but, once the drama started, it got excellent.

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