Minaj turns heads with Grammy outfit

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By: Jackie Salzano
It was a relatively quiet Sunday night in Muse, dedicated to catching up on sleep and homework, when all of a sudden I realized, it’s Feb. 12, the Grammy’s are on!
Last Sunday, CBS aired the 54th Annual Grammy Award show, hosted by artist  LL Cool J. Before the show was the arrival of all of some of the best singers and artists of today on the red carpet. The Grammy’s is a chance for celebrities to take fashion risks, however I think one artist may have taken a step too far.
Nicki Minaj, a popular rap artist, is known for her over the top personality and fashion sense. In the past, she has been applauded for her not-so-traditional outfit choice; however, on Sunday, I’m not sure how well critics reacted to her attire.
Minaj stepped out on the red carpet in a very full, dark red Little Red Riding Hood-looking dress equipped with hood and all. Not only did that turn a few heads, but to top it off, her date was dressed up as the Pope.
The reason behind the whole get up was because of her song she performed at the award show. Minaj’s newest song, “Roman Holiday,” was on the border of being religiously wrong.
The whole performance gave off a very dark and strange vibe. To me it seemed very similar to the trailer of “The Exorcism of Emily Rose.” It featured a “Catholic confessional, demonic possession, dancing monks and a levitation scene.”
I was raised Catholic and brought up having a full Catholic education, so my opinion may be a bit one-sided. However, I think Bill Donohue, the president of the Catholic League, said it best. He made a statement which highlighted that it was wrong of The Recording Academy to have let this performance happen at such a public event. He also said he thinks this would have never been allowed to happen if a song was conflicting with any other religious beliefs.
I think this particular performance was way too edgy for a live, televised award show. If this was her concert and people paid money to go see her and knew a little bit more about what they were getting themselves into, then I would have been  OK with the dramatic song and performance choice.
What I didn’t like was that it was clearly about the Catholic faith and gave a skewed vision as to what Catholics are really like to those who know nothing about the faith.
I felt as though she only did it to get a reaction from the audience, good or bad. That shouldn’t be the purpose of songwriting or expressing yourself musically. Artists should want to please their fans and be relatable to them, not create a performance that could offend them.


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