Mid-Autumn Festival

From Dr. I-Ping

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Radford University celebrated the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival on Saturday, Sept. 26 with performances from multiple groups to share the Chinese culture.

     The event was hosted by Radford University’s Chinese Club and was sponsored by The International Education Center and Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures.

      The event gave an opportunity to explore another culture and to remind others of their own culture. It also gave students studying Chinese an opportunity to hear the language in use since many of the performances were in Chinese.

     The Mid-Autumn Festival is China’s second largest celebration and people are given the holiday off to celebrate. The festival is usually celebrated by eating moon cakes which were given out to everyone that attended the festival during the reception that followed the performances.

     The event was free to the public and took place in the Covington Center Foyer. The Foyer was packed with people, leaving many without seats that a bigger auditorium would have given them. After the performances there was a reception made up of free Chinese food as well an art show in the art museum.

     The performances showed audience members a side of Chinese culture that many had never seen while allowing people with a Chinese background to be reminded of their culture. The performances  ranged from singing and dancing to Kong Fu.

     The welcoming remarks were given by President of the Chinese Club John Burk, Dr. Paul Current, and Dr. I-Ping Fu. They thanked everyone for showing up even with the rain and welcomed the audience as friends.

     The first performance was from the Blacksburg Chinese School. The Children Chinese Umbrella Dance performed “Moon Boat.”  A group of girls danced a traditional Chinese dance that was made to look like they were on a boat.

   Another children performance from the Blacksburg Chinese School showed the difference between a Chinese yoyo and the American one. The yoyo is composed of two sticks tied together by a string with a larger disc that is used to do tricks. The children showed how skilled they were with this yoyo.

     A solo performer showed the Classical Chinese Long-sleeved Dance. She was part of the 15-50 Dance Group but performed a solo.Next a group called Evergreen Fellowship sang together two songs in Chinese. The songs were called “Listen Softly” and “Rejoice Always”. The group was made up of the parents of people in the area as a way to introduce them to American culture while keeping their own Chinese culture.

      The Dragon Tiger Eagle Kung Fu and Xinyi Taiji performed next. The group showed the use of swords and other instruments in Kung Fu.

     Mr. Ling Zhong performed next and performed a solo song. The song was titled “Spring in the North”. This was another opportunity to hear the Chinese language in use.

     The final performance was a group dance from the 15-50 Dance Group. They performed a mixture of traditional Chinese dance styles. The title of the performance was “Blue Roses”.

     The reception ended the Festival giving the audience and performers the opportunity to indulge in the culture with food.