Mark Salling and the Failed Pursuit of Happiness

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Jose Bermundez Lenis|

On Jan. 30, former Glee star Mark Salling committed suicide at age 35.

The Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office released the certificate to TMZ, which reported that the official cause of death for the 35-year-old actor was asphyxia by hanging. It also confirmed that Salling hanged himself from a tree in the woods near a riverbed in Sunland, California in what appears to be another case of a famous person who was going through a deep depression.

Salling was known for playing bad-boy high-schooler Noah “Puck” Puckerman on the Glee. He had good looks, talent, a fanbase and as well as a $3 million net worth.

“Why did he do it? A good-looking young man with his whole career ahead, why did he decide to end it all, after having it all?” Someone might ask.

As previously reported by Fox News, Salling pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography in October 2017 after police found more than 50,000 images on his computer. He was awaiting sentencing on March 7, where he was facing four to seven years behind bars; As well as having accepted the terms of paying $50.000 to every victim involved.

Following his death, the victims will have to use his Estate to get the money.

After being in the media spotlight for the show’s six seasons, he then appeared in low-acclaimed TV Shows and projects. However, he never went back to his star-status after the show ended.

He would use social media to share his thoughts, reflecting a deep depression as well as alcohol addiction; like his former Glee co-star Cory Monteith, who also committed suicide in 2013 at age 31. According to TMZ, Salling had started cutting his wrists in August 2017, although his attorney denied it.

Is this a Hollywood society and media pressure caused suicide, like many other examples (including his late friend Cory Monteith who also starred on the show), or was Salling a victim of his own acts?

Many people debate and ask these same questions whenever an actor commits suicide. However, in this case, a large group of people would consider that Salling was indeed a felon and a sex offender who does not deserve any empathy.

This case is an example of mental health disorders and how are they present in Hollywood, a disorder that led a TV-star, who could have gotten any woman he desired, to store around 50,000 images and videos of children as young as three years old being abused in his laptop.

Many people think justice was never achieved to this case, but in my opinion, he took justice with his own hands; he took his life as a way to escape his own decisions and dark secrets, he chose to leave this world in a way no one would want to go.

He died a coward.

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