March for Our Lives

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By Ola Elshaar |

I couldn’t be more proud of those young rebels! I couldn’t do anything but being impressed about how revolutionary and civilized they expressed their anger about what happened on Feb. 14.

What I have seen in the news and on social media from the organizers of the March for Our Lives and what they are fighting for is what the future should be. They are tired of waiting for the politicians or anyone who is in charge, to make a change, and they have nothing to lose – they are merely seeking for peace.

The tragic massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida that ended 17 lives and wounded 17 more students according to CNN is what motivated the rally that was led by Parkland high school students to put restrictions on gun ownership.

March 24, the new determined generation gathered in Washington, DC, and countries around the world to rewrite history, and roar to be heard.

March for Our Lives gained a massive number of supporters and sympathizers from around the world, but the most highlighted backers were celebrities like Amal and George Clooney who donated $500,000 to support the march. Oprah Winfrey, Jeffrey Katzenberg and his wife Marilyn Katzenberg also contributed $500,000.

In addition to, one of the most well-known fashion houses, Gucci announced they were also donating $500,000 towards the march, according to WWD.

The leaders and organizers of the march had left people in tears when they gave powerful and bold speeches that touched all of us.

Some of the speakers include Naomi Wadler, Yolanda Renee King, Cameron Kasky, and others. I still have Emma Gonzalez’s heartfelt words in my mind when she was describing the moments after the shooting during her speech.

“In a little over six minutes, 17 of our friends were taken from us, 15 were injured, and everyone in the Douglas community was forever altered, “said Gonzalez in her speech.

David Hogg, one of the Parkland mass shooting survivors and leader of March of Our Lives, couldn’t motivate us more when he said, “We are going to make this the voting issue. We are going to take this to every election, to every state and every city.” according to Times.

According to the March for Our Lives website, The March for Our Lives leaders demanded some limitation on the following commands:

  1. Universal, comprehensive background checks
  2. Bringing the ATF into the 21st century with a digitized, searchable database
  3. Funds for the Center for Disease Control to research the gun violence epidemic in America
  4. High-capacity magazine ban
  5. Assault weapons ban

All the power, support, and love for those fighters who believe in a non-violence society, who think that kids should not go to school in fear, who would fight tooth and nail to end gun violence, because fighting corruption and abuse could not be more desirable than now.

Photo credit: (Alex Radelich on Unsplash