Maleficent: Mistress of Evil – A Movie Review


By: Sarah Steffey |

After five years of waiting, fans of the movie Maleficent are now able to see the sequel, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. However, the original is sure to have been a bigger box office hit than the new one will be.

The plot is about the merging of the fantasy land, known as the Moors, with the human land, known as Ulstead. But, not every human is ready for the transition. If the two worlds combine, Maleficent will be neighbors with the people of Ulstead. Due to her history of cursing Aurora (aka Sleeping Beauty), many humans are not anticipating their worlds combining.

Aurora, queen of the Moors, has fallen in love with Phillip, prince of Ulstead. The two of them get engaged, which causes the two families to realize that they are from two completely different worlds. The combining of the two families initially starts the war between the two worlds.

Maleficent is exceedingly protective of Aurora and sees her as her child. With Aurora getting engaged, Maleficent realizes that her time with her is going to get cut short, which causes Maleficent to protest the marriage.

Queen Ingrith (Michelle Pfeiffer) and Aurora (Elle Fanning) talking in the castle

Starring Angelina JolieElle Fanning, and Michelle Pfeiffer, the acting is pretty average. Jolie does a great job with her character, Maleficent; however, there were several underwhelming parts played by Fanning, Pfeiffer, and others.

Pfeiffer plays Queen Ingrith, who is supposed to be a darker character. Some viewers may consider her as the villain instead of Maleficent. 

Queen Ingrith was one of the most predictable roles in the entire film. The writers could have avoided this if some of the character’s lines were not as revealing.

More than half of the movie consisted of the actual fight between the two worlds. After a little while, it got pretty dull. It would have been better if the battle lasted a shorter amount of time, and there were more aspects added to the plot.

There were also small bits of humor added in now and then, which helped lighten it up.

Maleficent was remarkably predictable. I could have guessed the majority of what was going to happen after about 15 minutes of watching it. This predictability can make the movie even more tedious because the whole time you are just waiting for what you know is going to happen.

Overall, if you have seen the first movie, Maleficent, it’s not a bad idea to see the second one, so that you can finish the story. However, do not expect to love the movie as much as you might have done on the first one.

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The Verdict
  • 7/10
    Score - 7/10

Pretty Average

Do not expect to love this movie as much as you might have loved the first one.