Make it your own: crafting at college



I would not label myself as a particularly “crafty” person. Instead, I would find it more accurate to call myself a “failed Girl Scout” as I never tended to succeed in doing crafts at troop meetings.

Yet, when coming to college, you may realize that you want to decorate your apartment or dorm room with some simple crafts or art to give your bare living space some life.

What I found to be a necessity in my dorm room as a freshman was an excess of posters. My roommate and I quickly took over portions of the room with posters of our favorite musicians and public icons.

It helped make the room feel more homy and comfortable. Besides this fairly obvious option, you can also paint and draw artwork of your own.

I, again, am not a talented artist and am not the next Rembrandt, but painting or drawing can be extremely therapeutic.

My best friend from home, Christy, also gave me a personal collage to hang on my wall in my dorm room, making Command hooks vital to every dorm and apartment.

The collage had a few pictures of us, but also had several spaces left for me to print pictures of the new memories I would make in college.

Collages are simple to make with a trip to Wal-Mart for a simple large picture frame or poster board, and to print photos.

In my apartment, my roommates and I have adapted our own method of creativity with the use of our Christmas tree. We have, for the past two years, put up a Christmas tree in our living room during the holidays.

This year, we found it difficult to take down the tree and put it away. Therefore, we decided to make this a “holiday tree.”

For the various holidays, you can change the ornaments to match the holiday that is occurring. For instance, you can put hearts on the tree for Valentine’s Day or Shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day. There are endless options for what ornaments you can decide to make.

Many apartments are filled, especially in windowsills and on kitchen cabinets, with empty liquor bottles. To a college student, these are a sort of trophy of all of the alcohol that they and their friends have consumed.

This buildup of bottles can begin to look less than attractive over time.

A friend of mine creatively filled their collection of bottles with water and then used food coloring and dyes to change the color of the water to reds, yellows, purples and so on. This is an extremely simple way of making these bottles colorful and more decorative in an apartment.

To go a step further, one could always decorate them by use of a hot glue gun to attach beads, glitter, or other items to the bottles.

Simple little changes like this are all that is really needed to make an apartment or dorm personal to those living there. Of course, you could always just do macaroni art.