Main Street sensations

Taken by Brittany North


The town of Radford is unique. With the university’s campus so close to downtown, students, faculty, and residents alike have a wonderful and convenient place to browse, buy, or simply enjoy the walk past many one-of-a kind storefronts. Made up of mostly local businesses and restaurants, college students are bound to find something interesting and delicious while exploring the shops along East Main Street.

     In such a small town, local business owners remember names and faces of returning customers and offer excellent customer service experiences I cannot even begin to compare with my hometown in Northern Virginia. With bars like Sharkey’s and Screamers, places for dessert lovers like BTO and Crumb & Get It, there is something for everyone on Main Street.

     When asked what their favorite shops downtown were, Radford students had some noteworthy answers.

     “I like Souvlaki because they just opened. I have been to the one in Blacksburg and I think it’s cool that they opened one in Radford. It has really good Greek food!” Rachel Klein, a graduate student, said.

     The best things about Radford’s small-town vibe is the types of business we see opening and thriving. Lamours, the local one-stop hippie shop, is a popular store for Radford University students. I recently bought a tapestry at Laura Lamoureux’s store and was greeted with a warm smile and friendly conversation. The fetching store mascot, Ralph the Bassett Hound, was sure to make me a repeat customer.

     Senior Tyler Rosenblatt, also enjoys the atmosphere of Lamours.

“I’m really into improving my interior space to make it my own. I have my own place this year so I feel like I’m always trying to make my space more reflective of my unique tastes and personality. When I don’t want to order anything online I go there to see Laura, and if anything could add to my interior to make it for aesthetically pleasing,” he explained.

     Another Main Street lover is senior Jack Tragakis, who says Herban Legend is his favorite stop.

     “They have always had everything I need. The employees make you feel at home and are nothing but friendly and helpful,” he said.

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