Mac Attack comes to Radford

Mac Miller has the crowd raise their hands in the air during his show. Austin Tuley | Whim.

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Mac Miller has the crowd raise their hands in the air during his show. Austin Tuley | Whim.

Francis Smith

Giant mushrooms, crowd surfing and rap music. What do these things have in common? Mac Miller.

On Thursday, March 29, the Radford University community came to the Dedmon Center to enjoy the musical talents of rapper Mac Miller. The crowd was pumped and ready to go as the line for the concert filled up quickly.

Opening for the Mac were two groups joining his tour, The Come Up and The Cool Kids. Both rap groups energized and excited the crowd for Miller’s arrival. Starting the night off was The Come Up. Their music was up-beat, fast-paced and definitely one that got heads to nod. The group was new to many in the crowd, but overall they hyped the audience up enough to gain respect. They definitely will be a group to look out for in the next year or so in the rap game.

The Cool Kids followed. This was a rap group that was fairly well-known and got the crowd even more excited about Miller’s onstage arrival. With music that made you want to just go into some kind of raging frenzy, their music took you back to when rap in the 90s was at its peak. After their departure from the stage, that’s when the crowd became restless and wild; throwing people in the air and crowd surfing with many many people surfing the crowd at a time. An unfortunate few were dropped yet got back to their feet ready to go again.

Finally, just when the crowd surfing intensified and the audience became restless, the lights began to dim and smoke began to fill the air. Newly added props in the forms of giant mushrooms began to glow, and the music began to blast.

Some crowd favorites such as “Party on 5th Ave.” and “Best Day Ever” got the crowd to go crazy and definitely were some of the highlights of his performance. Miller even began to perform some songs from his newer album, like “Macadelic,” brought the crowd down but still had heads nodding.

Throughout the night, both Miller was chill and upbeat. He made jokes onstage and just had the crowd entertained as a whole. And just when the audience thought the show was over, a huge chant of “Donald Trump” came over the crowd, bringing Miller back out one more time to perform one of the audience’s favorite songs.

Overall, the show was a mixture of upbeat and real rap music; the audience left excited, impressed and overall pleased with Mac Miller’s Macadelic performance.