Luisa Cutting Waives Right to Preliminary Hearing

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By: Jeremy Moser |

Former Radford University student Luisa Cutting, a 21-year-old accused of stabbing her roommate to death, waived her right to a preliminary hearing Thursday, Sept. 5.

Cutting is charged with the second-degree murder of her roommate and fellow Radford student Alexa Cannon.

This was her first court appearance and first public appearance since Feb. 24, the day she was arrested after confessing to the murder. The court meeting only lasted 15 minutes.

Cutting’s attorney, Blair Howard, advised that she waive her right to the hearing because he believed the evidence provided sufficient probable cause that Cutting was involved in the murder.

Howard said he believes mental illness was a factor in the stabbing.

“We believe, that there were significant mental issues with our client on the occasion of this very, very tragic event,” said Howard.

She has a grand jury court date, Sept. 13, where a trial date will be set.

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Photo Credit: (Radford City Police Department)