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Lettuce settle the beef between Chipotle and Moe’s

Hannah Curran

With Moe’s opening up just across the street from Radford University’s campus, it has become a very popular place to eat among students. The Mexican restaurant, which specializes in fast food and a cheery, casual atmosphere sparks a lot of debate about whether or not it is better than its fierce competitor, Chipotle. Having never been to a Moe’s before, I went to try it out in an attempt to settle the debate once and for all…and, honestly, I liked it so much better than Chipotle. From the vast amount of menu options (taco salads, nachos, burritos, tacos, etc.) to the crazy amount of add-ons to the free chips and unlimited salsa bar with every purchase, Moe’s definitely has the upper hand in the Mexican fast food game. In my opinion, the food was far fresher than Chipotle and the amount of food you get for your money is insane. Wondering if I alone had this opinion, I decided to ask my fellow classmates what their feelings on the Moe’s vs. Chipotle debate were and what I found was that many of the students at Radford University preferred Moe’s.

When talking to people around campus, I found they liked having a Moe’s so close to campus and loved the fact that it stays open so late. Freshman, Kenzie Larrison said she likes Moe’s better because, “they have a greater variety of salsa than Chipotle. They also have both steak and ground beef which is nice.” Another Radford freshman, Andrew Cowdrick, enjoys Moe’s better because, “the salsa options at Moe’s are better than they are at Chipotle, and I enjoy the fact that there is a whole salsa bar there.” Sophomore, Stephanie Judd said, “I like both, they are both good, I just think they serve different things like the choices on a burrito, like at Moe’s you can have queso, and Chipotle they don’t. However, I think Chipotle has bigger burritos than Moe’s does.”

Another plus is the fact that Moe’s is within walking distance to campus, whereas Chipotle is in Blacksburg. With the option of quick and affordable Mexican food so nearby, it only stands to reason that Moe’s will quickly become the go-to for all those students who used to make the drive to Blacksburg for a burrito.

Both Chipotle and Moe’s have their advantages. Chipotle offers a simple selection of organic food while Moe’s offers a wide variety of a quick and convenient Mexican cuisine. Even if you’re a hardcore Chipotle fan, I strongly recommend you give Moe’s a shot.

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